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Adidas Jumps into the Metaverse Frenzy with New Ozworld Lineup

Photo: Adidas

The Adidas Ozworld collection is all about giving you a new virtual experience. It enables customers to have an unforgettable rendezvous with the brand, which they would never be able to do when buying products in stores because it’s just too mundane.

Collaborations with designers, celebrities, and creators are accommodated by Adidas Original, a subdivision of the broader athletic wear brand, which stretches its Ozworld shoe collection to boost self-expression and style experimentation in March. 

The futuristic shoe collection was drafted to bring together modern styles with those from the 1990s, tying them into a knot that is both futuristic and reminiscent of past decades, as per Adidas. 

Its collaboration with Jon Jon Emmony, a digital creator, creates an “other-worldly campaign” that prompts the lineup’s key themes and sci-fi aesthetic. 

With the latest experience, you can now customize your own avatar by answering a questionnaire instead of the usual procedure of a user manually designing their digital look, which designs for self-expression and style experimentation.

Users can animate their avatar, digitally fit into sneakers and download it to use as stickers on different social media platforms. It will likely draw more attention for them.

The collaboration between Adidas and Ready Player Me is the first-ever deal for the Ozworld platform. Users can now use their digital character in 1,800 metaverse platforms after creating it through this experience alone.

It frees users from the burden of making another avatar for each app or online experience. It will also amplify the presence of Adidas in several platforms that make up the metaverse. It’s a win-win situation for both the consumer and the brand.

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