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AMC Theaters Will Enable Shiba Inu and Dogecoin in Their Payment Lineup Starting March

Source: LA Times

This coming March, the largest movie theater in the world will presumably convey its support to the two most popular meme coins, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Adam Aron, AMC CEO, confirmed this statement. 

“I have been repeatedly asked when AMC expects to routinely accept Dogecoin and Shiba Inu for any and all payments made via the AMC web site and mobile app. I am being told that we are still well on track for the promised Q1 implementation, with exact timing most likely in March,” says Aron in his full statement on Twitter. 

The company announced that it would accept two different cryptocurrencies for all sorts of payments made on its website.

Collectors of these meme coins are up for many movie theater visits by then. The movie theater chain has finally given the people what they want. 

In late October, Aron reportedly conducted a Twitter poll to determine whether his customers would like to see Shiba Inu as an option for cryptocurrencies. A whole lot of individuals who responded to this specific poll agreed to the idea of adding Shiba Inu to the payment lineup of AMC. 

In mid-November, the AMC executive confirmed on Twitter that the cinema behemoth would show its support towards Shiba Inu within the preceding four months. This came following the surge of Aron’s Twitter followers voted for Dogecoin to be available in their payment options. 

In October of last year, AMC began to accept the original meme cryptocurrency for eGift cards. And when the movie theater chain partnered with Sony Pictures in November of 2021, it launched Spiderman-themed NFTs to celebrate one of our favorite characters. 

The GameStop mania of 2021 was a boon for AMC, though it has been down over 16% since then. Investors have largely abandoned meme stocks.

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