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Bad Astro Society Plans to Literally Take Its 10,000 Members to the Moon by 2030

One can barely escape all the headlines surrounding the metaverse right now— and for a good reason. The metaverse is a digital universe that can be programmed to support virtually anything, with crypto coins and NFTs being two of its hottest commodities. As non-fungible tokens have become increasingly popular, developers are faced with the challenge of designing revolutionary projects that will attract enthusiasts, collectors, and investors. Bad Astro Society offers an innovative, one-of-a-kind opportunity to those who want to join its revolutionary community.

Bad Astro Society is set to push the boundaries of the industry with its highly ambitious mission— to launch its 10,000 members into space.

The NFT society has created a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens that bring an unbelievable amount of perks and benefits such as Bad Astro merch, future airdrops, a Bad Astro Station, Bad Astro events, memes, meta plays, parties, and most exciting of all, a chance to go to space, currently priced at $450,000, for just the price of a Bad Astro NFT. 

Each digital art piece in the collection features over 150 hand-drawn traits that are distinct from each other. Four main kinds of Bad Astros may be minted: Regular Astro Suit, Pimp Suit, Hoodie, and Gorilla, with an array of different colors and patterns.

Each Bad Astro NFT comes in 10 different background variations that communicate different circumstances, and each holds an object that communicates concepts that are fun, larger than life, or history-altering. Examples of objects in hands include the earth and other heavenly bodies, a Bitcoin (virtual currency), a rainbow, and many other colorful and creative design elements made to suit the different personalities of NFT enthusiasts.

But out of all the benefits Bad Astro Society offers its members, its biggest goal, which the founder and members have been excitedly buzzing about, is its audacious promise of taking all of its token holders to outer space by 2030.

While a seat in a spaceship starts at a whopping $450,000, Bad Astro Society founders are confident that this price will significantly decrease in the next few years, with the demand for space travel steadily increasing and more companies scrambling to cater to this growing demand.

This promise has earned Bad Astro Society a reputation for being unlike any other project on the market today, and many crypto and NFT enthusiasts are understandably watching its rise. Although purchasing a ticket to outer space remains exclusive to the super-wealthy right now, the project shows its token holders that anything is possible.

On the Bad Astro Society website, fans can read the NFT society’s awe-inspiring mission statement for its 10,000 holders: “There are only six to eight seats on a rocket. So we plan to buy all the Bad Astros a ticket to space by 2030, locking in all the seats for space travel for years to come. If the rich want a ticket, they will have to buy a Bad Astro from one of our members.”