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BigMeta NFT: Saving the Crypto World One NFT at a Time

As more and more NFT projects are launched, crypto enthusiasts become more discerning when it comes to the NFT collections they invest in. So naturally, art plays a big part in making a successful collection, but BigMeta takes a different approach. Aside from digital visual art, BigMeta NFTs are also created with a strong emphasis on storytelling.

The team behind BigMeta said that although storytelling is a dying art, it is not a lost cause. And in creating their NFT collection, the team wanted to add a compelling story to complement their tokens, adding humor to their collection and making investing more fun for their holders. And the story their project is built on is truly an adventurous one that a lot of crypto enthusiasts will enjoy.

In Operation BigMeta, NFT holders are tasked with a mission to save the world from the evil and corrupt BigShots. The Bigshots are a shadow organization made up of the biggest names in politics and Hollywood. For centuries, they have stealthily pulled the strings of society, controlling its direction and making huge profits. 

The BigShots secretly meet once every six years to discuss their next target and plan their next goals. They plan to hit the crypto community this time, which they see as nothing more than people who enjoy being society’s trolls. To take down the crypto community, the BigShots plan to release a new and immensely hyped crypto token they call DAObolical. Targeting crypto enthusiasts specifically, DAObolical will infect the holder and remove their sense of humor, thus removing their ability to troll on the internet. 

Holders of BigMeta NFTs must use their tokens to infiltrate the BigShots headquarters located at Mt. Doxx. If they succeed, they can save the world and keep crypto communities fun for everyone. 

Exciting as this storyline is, this is only the beginning for BigMeta. As soon as more people join their community and invest in their NFT collection, they plan to expand the narrative and add more storylines. They also plan to release comics and games for their crypto community. “Our holders will have a say in the direction of the new storylines we plan to develop. We made this collection for them, and we want them to be a part of the project,” a BigMeta team member said.

Each BigMeta NFT is a character. This character comes with a speech bubble, a companion animal, and a short descriptive story. The character’s personality and characteristics will be determined by the speech bubble and animal assigned to it. 

The creators behind BigMeta embrace creativity through innovation, storytelling, and community. They view storytelling as the most significant way to bring communities together and foster meaningful friendships and connections. By involving their holders in the expansion of the BigMeta storylines, they are able to bring creators and audiences closer as they move to achieve their goals. 

Crypto enthusiasts are always looking for something worth their time and money. And the BigMeta NFT collection can be that standout project that they are looking to support. Investing can seem daunting, but BigMeta has found a way to make it fun, entertaining, and worthwhile.

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