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Blade for Babes: Championing Femininity and Women Empowerment Through Its One-Of-A-Kind Knives

Blade for Babes: The knife is perhaps one of the most important inventions in history. After all, the revolutionary tool has multiple uses and has helped feed, shelter, and defend people. Thus assuring the survival of humankind. The first knives are creates from bones, wood, and stones. But it has since undergone dramatic upgrades over the past years. Steel, iron, ceramic, and titanium are now create into various shapes and sizes of cutting-edge blades. That are uses for hunting, cooking, and at times even combat.

Yet despite these remarkable innovations, society is still stuck in the date notion that only men want or need knives. This is evident in the marketing strategies that most brands employ, which are heavily target toward the male population. Cognizant of this, one groundbreaking enterprise based in North Carolina. Intuitively caters to the needs of the women in the knife community – Blades for Babes.

At the helm of the trailblazing brand is the insightful entrepreneur Ana Dee. What motivate her to start the venture was her observation that most knife shops were target toward men and camping. So instead of waiting for things to change, she took matters into her own hands and founded Blade for Babes.

The business has a dynamic team of experts and creatives who develop the brand’s selections. It’s an online knife shop with a finely form, high-quality selection of items ranging from novelty to professional safety tools and accessories. This diverse selection includes lipstick knives, keychains, swords, and cosplay props.

On top of that, they have an in-house seamstress who creates custom sizes and colors for its products. As the CEO excitedly shared, “Our garter knife is our most popular style, which we have been able to extend our sizing like no one else on the market, which we are so proud of.”

Aside from its impressive collection, what makes Blade for Babes truly stand out is its exceptional advocacy. The business is not only market to women from different walks of life, but more importantly, it provides survivors of abuse a sense of security and empowerment through its products.

As a knife enthusiast, Ana Dee also believes that everyone should feel safe walking to their car or running. Which is why she champions knife education, including its safe handling and proper use. She profoundly explained, “Knives are beautiful as they are handy, and the look, feel, and aesthetic is important to our customers. So whether you are opening a package or slicing cake, Blades For Babes has a knife for you.”

Because of its incredible vision and equally fantastic products, the enterprise has become a leading knife brand. In fact, the online store has gone viral thanks to the endorsement of several global influencers. Who share their purchases with their respective enthusiastic audience. While raising awareness of the range of knives and safety accessories available and, most importantly, affordable to young women who may not have access to a knife locally.

Moving forward, Ana Dee hopes to expand the business to a brick-and-mortar location. But above all, she remains steadfast in her commitment to raising awareness. About the outstanding role knives play in safety education and self-defense.

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