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Comedian Keith Ross Nelson Has No Plans to Slow Down in His Career

It takes a skilled comic to stay active in the comedy industry for decades. Comedy and humor change with the times, and to create sets that hit the sweet spot for audiences, a comedian has to be observant and highly adaptive to the undercurrents of the day’s events. It also takes a special entertainer who can take everyday mundane things and turn them into fun anecdotes that everyone can relate to. Keith Ross Nelson is one such comedian, and his success over the years has taught him the secrets to building a long and successful career in comedy. 

Keith Ross Nelson has over thirty years of experience in stand-up comedy. He has done thousands of shows and made thousands of people laugh with his stories, anecdotes, and jokes. Nelson has toured all over the country, taking his show from state to state. He has even performed in a few shows internationally and has embraced live virtual sets to adjust to the demands of a post-pandemic world. 

A man of impeccable comedic skills, Keith Ross Nelson has also won the Portland Comedy Competition. He describes his comedic style as unique and unapologetic. “I just truly love making people laugh,” he said.

Authenticity is part of the Keith Ross Nelson brand of comedy, and his career has been hugely successful because of it. “Audiences can relate to me.”

Aside from a successful career as a comedian, Keith Ross Nelson is also an accomplished writer, actor, and director. He has appeared in several independent films, including Mobsters and Mormons, and The R.M. Nelson has also appeared on Entertainment Tonight and Hulu’s Comedy Time. In addition, Nelson wrote, starred in, and produced the Amazon Prime comedy Not for Nothin’ and appeared alongside Tim Homayoon and Jimmy DellaValle. 

Perhaps the secret to Keith Ross Nelson’s longevity lies in his previous career as a top athlete. Prior to starting a comedy career, Nelson was winning awards for his athletic pursuits. In 1998, Nelson finished in second place in the World Masters Championships for the high jump. Nelson was also the record holder for master high jumping in his age group from 2000 to 2007. He said, “Training for sports taught me that good things and success come when you put in the work. I apply that mindset to my comedy as well. Each show takes me back to my sporting events, and I do my best at every single one. It takes a lot of focus, but at the end of the day, I trust that I have prepared myself well for this crucial moment.”

Keith Ross Nelson has a comedy career that spans over thirty years, but he has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Instead, he hopes to keep performing at more shows and venues and continue growing his career as a writer and an actor. Follow Keith on Instagram @KeithRossNelson  or catch him on his website

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