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Creative NFT Collection Wiz Kidz Pays Homage to the Greatest Influences of Childhood

NFTs continue to be the talk of the town. There’s little to nothing that has been able to stop the gold rush that this new form of community and wealth-building strategy has been able to do. And anyone who’s looking for a creative project with an excellent chance for financial growth should keep the collection name, Wiz Kidz, in mind.

Wiz Kidz is a creative collection of baby wizards for collectors and NFT enthusiasts who are looking for a project with a great roadmap and potential for multi-functionality. The team behind this unique NFT project has set out to create a PFP NFT, which showcases incredible artwork for the fantasy community that appreciates wizards and magic. They wanted to do something unique that would help their project stand out, so they came up with a promising roadmap that allows WizKidz holders to get two NFTs for the price of 1. 

The quality of their artwork encompasses all different types of skin colors and has many unique outfits as attributes to pop culture within the fantasy world. In addition, they have carefully planned all the rarity attributes, such as the dragon eggs and wands that one can see in their NFTs. Each attribute has meaning and has powers that open the door for extraordinary evolutions when holders collect ten crystals of power that will turn their Wiz Kid into a Grand Wizard.

The project’s roadmap is extensive and features a lot of utility. In Phase 2 of the roadmap, the community will introduce the Quest of Power. Power crystals will be available for sale to the community on a bi-weekly basis. These crystals will unlock the full power of the Wiz Kidz characters. In Phase 3, when the Enchantment Room opens, holders can use the power crystals to evolve the characters and unlock their true power and evolve their Wiz Kid into a Grand Wizard, while still keeping the original token. 

In Phase 5, Metaverse Integration, those who own a Wiz Kid or Grand Wizard character will have instant access to the Wizarding Realm once it is complete.

In the fictional and digital world, the story of the WizKids starts with the hidden colony of powerful Wizards. These Wizards protected the world by keeping their knowledge of Magic secret—even at the expense of their lives. They knew magic in the wrong hands could lead to devastation and ruin. So, for millennia, these Wizards have moved silently to thwart destruction from magic wickedly wielded. It has been their duty to preserve peace, and now that duty falls on every holder.

All over the world, children are being born with extraordinary powers. Yet, without guidance from their Wizard forefathers, their path will be paved by those who raise them. In each of these magical beings resides the knowledge and power of the Wizard they succeeded.

Many of these children have been cast aside as their families deemed them too dangerous to themselves and their communities. Yet as the cycle of history repeats itself, each child has discovered the egg of a magical creature they will imprint on. These children’s love for their resting magical creature far surpasses the love a mother would have for their child.

The Wizard Kids wander a world laden with untapped Magic, lost and aimless. They are untrusting, scared, and in need of guidance. But perhaps with the help of the holders—summoning them from where they hide—they may be able to change their fate and alter the course of destiny forever.

As their community grows, they are looking to invite more people into the fantasy world, and they can join the Discord server for updates. The team behind this incredible NFT project grew up watching and loving Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, just like everyone else. Though it was a bit deeper for them, the magic behind these stories shaped their childhoods and left them amazed even as they became adults. They wanted to pay homage to that, so it just made sense for them to create a project that honored the magic feeling they loved and showed their growth.

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