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Crypto ads not as prominent in 2023 Super Bowl

Crypto ads not as prominent in 2023 Super Bowl

Crypto ad – When numerous cryptocurrency firms ran advertisements before the NFL’s championship game in 2022, it became customary.

The Super Bowl LVII is shaping up to be an exciting opportunity for the digital asset sector.


A number of crypto ads from some of the biggest companies were seen during the Los Angeles Rams vs. Cincinnati Bengals game from the previous season on the popular televised game, including:

  • Coinbase
  • FTX (before its collapse)

With an advertisement portraying a trader taking off into the skies after joining up for the site, Etero joined the frenzy and established itself as a top venue for trading stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, a Budweiser ad that appeared to be promoting cryptocurrency also was.

By depicting the project’s famous glasses over a classical painting portrait, it paid tribute to the Nouns DAO NFT collection.

While this was going on, other businesses burned through millions of dollars on the crypto ads in an effort to build a name for themselves.

Over 112 million people watched the game last year, according to the NFL.


FTX and Coinbase were two of the businesses that ran crypto ads and gave away Bitcoin.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm actor Larry David was the subject of the FTX commercial, which ended with the comic being disdainful of the project’s app.


FTX did not reduce employees prior to their demise, but Coinbase and did so once the Terra ecosystem collapsed in the summer of 2022.

In the end, layoffs became a pattern in the cryptocurrency sector, lasting into this year.

The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao, stated specifically that he will forgo crypto ads for the Super Bowl.

In June, he said, Binance is still hiring.

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“It was not easy saying no to Super bowl [SIC] ads, stadium naming rights, large sponsor deals a few months ago, but we did,” Zhao tweeted.

“Today, we are hiring for 2000 open positions.”

A smaller showing

Since Bitcoin sold for almost $42,000 during the previous Super Bowl, the price of cryptocurrencies has significantly decreased.

Despite the shifting market, a number of businesses will support cryptocurrencies on Sunday when the Philadelphia Eagles play the Kansas City Chiefs.

The first commercial break of the game will include a crypto ad from Limit Break, a Web3 startup.

The business intends to distribute thousands of its Dragon series NFTs as part of a promotion for its free-to-own NFT gaming concept.

One of the most distinctive ads will be the one on cryptocurrency.

It is an interactive commercial that uses a QR code to expose the DigiDaigaku universe to the audience.

Limit Break’s crypto ad will follow in Coibase’s footsteps by using a bouncing QR code, similar to the classic bouncing DVD logos, to guide viewers to its website in a 2022 advertisement.

The website failed as a result of all the traffic, thus last year’s advertisement was a bit of a miss.

Other ads

Bitbuy, a cryptocurrency exchange, is one of the recurring Super Bowl ad ventures.

With a few modifications, Bitbuy will run a crypto ad in Canada for the second time.

The firm is adjusting its strategy this time around because lost chances were its main emphasis the previous year.

Bitbuy will center their 2023 crypto ad around the idea of trust.

The forthcoming commercial will be twice as long, clocking in at a full minute.

In place of Kyle Lowry, the most recent Rookie of the Year in the NBA, Scottie Barnes will appear in the Bitbuy advertisement.

Turbotax first mentioned cryptocurrencies in its ad in 2022, and it will do it once again this year.

For the upcoming ad, Jason Sudeikis will make a brief appearance.


The 2019 Super Bowl won’t have any representation for cryptocurrency firms, according to Mark Evans, vice president of ad sales at Fox Sports.

Despite being focused on blockchain technology, a Limit Break spokesperson claimed that the company’s marketing fell under the gaming category.

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