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Crypto Banter A Live Streaming Channel

Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter is a live streaming channel that delivers the most recent cryptocurrency news, market updates, and fundamentals. This channel was created and is ran by crypto enthusiasts. You can find a variety of topics on the channel including but not limited to; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple news as well as live cryptocurrency data from Crypto Banter also has a free newsletter that you can sign up for on their website.

Crypto Banter is hosted by its founders, crypto enthusiasts who just want to share their passion for cryptocurrency. Their mission is to bring new and exciting information about this fast-growing industry to the masses. Their goal is to teach others how they can take advantage of opportunities with virtual currency every day.

You can find Crypto Banter’s live stream at
and at
As well as the Crypto Banter app, which is available for Android on Google Play and Apple on iTunes.

Crypto Banter received a great reception. The positive reviews and comments helped increase the viewership of their stream. Crypto Banter currently has a massive following of over 3500 daily viewers and has been growing in popularity tremendously. But the best thing about this channel is that they have a large active following on social media including facebook, twitter, youtube, and reddit, which gives them an extra boost in their ability to reach out to more people as well as improve their brand.

Crypto Banter Youtube channel

Crypto Banter Youtube channel has over 579K subscribers and growing. They produce a wide variety of content varying from Cryptocurrency reviews to market updates. Crypto Banter has also started to release educational videos ranging from beginner talks about Bitcoin, ICOs, and more advanced topics like the future of cryptocurrency. The videos they have released so far have been very well received by their followers. You can catch their Youtube content on their Youtube channel.

Crypto Banter Facebook

Crypto Banter’s Facebook page has over 117K likes and growing. They post cryptocurrency news, market updates, and more. The best way to stay updated on the most recent crypto news is to follow their facebook page. You can also comment on their posts to ask questions or have discussions with other crypto enthusiasts.

Crypto Banter Twitter

Crypto Banter Twitter page has over 269.1K Followers and growing. They post cryptocurrency news, market updates, and more. You can stay updated on the most recent crypto news by following their twitter page.

Crypto Banter Instagram

Crypto Banter’s Instagram has over 82.2K Followers and growing. You can find cryptocurrency news, market updates, and more. You can follow Crypto Banter’s Instagram page for all the latest crypto news.You can also comment on their posts to ask questions or have discussions with other crypto enthusiasts..

Crypto Banter Specialties

Crypto Banter specializes in analyzing cryptocurrency news, market updates and fundamentals. They also offer high quality trading insight to help identify the best time to invest. In addition, they offer several educational articles on cryptocurrencies. Their goal is to help you understand how this new form of currency works and how you can benefit from it.

Crypto Banter was created by crypto enthusiast, Ran NeuNer the founder and host of CCN Crypto trading banter. He wanted to share his passion for cryptocurrency with the masses. With his help, you can stay up-to-date on the latest cryptocurrency news and how you can take advantage of opportunities in this fast growing industry. Their goal at Crypto Banter is to become the most reliable source for all things cryptocurrency related.

Main Products:

Cryptocurrency News, Market Updates, and educational videos.

We offer a variety of cryptocurrency news ranging from Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin. Crypto Banter also give live cryptocurrency data from to help you make the best decisions for your investments. We offer many educational videos about the future of Cryptocurrencies as well as buying, selling and trading fundamentals for beginners in this new industry.


3 Dock Road, Waterway house, Cape Town City Centre, Western Cape 8002, ZA

Company size:

We are a team of 2-10 People


Crypto Banter has got a fantastic and unique vision. The content range is very vast and the team has been able to work with different streamers to get the most innovative content from different niches of crypto. This provides a great opportunity for growth.

Crypto banter looks to be a promising project for the coming future in crypto media. With the way crypto is growing, it is necessary to provide people with a resource that makes all aspects of crypto available to everyone in an easily understandable format. It’s this simplicity and overall knowledge which will lead them to success.

For the time being, Crypto banter is one of the better channels available to everyone. Due to their content and simplicity in their choice of topics, they are able to engage a wide range of viewers. And since they have a potentially wide audience base, it would be a good marketing strategy to utilize this potential as much as possible.

The most important thing to realize is that Crypto Banter is only just beginning. They plan to continue growing their following and gathering followers, which will lead them to success. They are a young company whose potential for growth is huge.

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