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CryptoJoints NFT Providing Different Ways for Holders to Make Returns on Their Investments

CryptoJoints enters the NFT world as a collection of 5,000 NFT tokens on the polygon network. The project’s aim is to obtain financing to establish a research center to diversify the medicinal uses of cannabis. CryptoJoints as an NFT project gives its holders access to a lifetime royalty program and 80% of the profits generated from secondary sales as prizes. At the launch stage, the team behind the project has announced a giveaway of 130 prizes of 1 ETH to the holders to mark its presence as a viable long-term project.

The project targets entrepreneurs, young investors, and traders looking to be a part of the digitally progressive world. CryptoJoints is profit-oriented, and it provides different ways for its holders to make returns on their investments. The secondary sales commission generates gifts for the holders, and the proposed research center is also poised to generate income and will give 10% of the profits to holders. 

CryptoJoints, as a standalone project, generates income and thus, gives its holders returns on their investments right off the bat. Holders do not have to wait with hopes that their NFT collection will appreciate over time. In addition to the intrinsic value it has, holders can also look forward to earning more over time as its value increases. The royalty program makes all the difference, and the creators hope that investors take advantage of all the value offerings as early as possible.

As a community-oriented NFT project, CryptoJoints puts its holders who are members of its community first. Describing what holders stand to gain from the collection, a spokesperson said: “During the sale of the collection, we will make 130 prizes of 1 ETH available to the holders. In addition to offering a lifetime royalty program, CryptoJoints’ mission is to incorporate cannabis into intrahospital use. We intend to use the funds raised to establish a research center that will focus on this.”

Learn more about CryptoJoints on the project’s official website or follow the collection on Instagram, Twitter, Discord and OpenSea.

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