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Dapper Labs: The First Registered NFT Company to Lobby for Policies that Spark Growth in the Crypto World

With NFTs becoming part of mainstream culture in this day and age, organizations such as Dapper Labs have found it vital to create purpose-driven initiatives that not only benefit individuals and communities through monetary gains but also serve as a catapulting device that consistently propels this ever-evolving industry towards positive growth and development. As Dapper Labs seeks to solidify its vision of the industry, it hopes to make a difference and spark action across the trade.

Widely acclaimed for taking the necessary steps to revolutionize the digital space, Dapper Labs is an NFT company based in Vancouver, Canada, that has always been passionate about elevating the industry. Since its establishment, it has brought a wide variety of NFT-based products and apps, otherwise known as DApps, into the table that has exceptionally set the industry standard across the trade. Its offerings include games like CryptoKitties, where players can breed and raise kitten NFTs, and Cheese Wizards, a tournament series where characters can duel each other. On top of that, this trailblazing entity has had partnerships with notable authorities, such as the NBA and UFC.

Aside from these products and collaborations, Dapper Labs has also managed to forge numerous initiatives that are not only designed to create value to mint owners and interested go-getters but are also dedicated to making significant strides across a fast-growing realm. Through its conscious and diligent efforts, Dapper Labs became the first NFT company to register to lobby with the United States government.

Through a public disclosure held last January 3 of this year, Dapper Labs has successfully joined the growing roster of influencers and organizations that are heavily dedicated to the materialization of the industry’s vision of amplifying the significance of creating crypto-related policies. Since the emergence of cryptocurrency, it has grown exponentially over time, which sparked action among industry players to lobby for policies that are designed to regulate the welfare of the NFT realm. On a mission to make significant strides, Dapper Labs is determined to change the game across the industry.

In an interview, Dapper Labs has revealed that it aims to create laws that are related to NFTs, blockchain, and financial services. To bolster the process of influencing policy-making, the entity has recruited Crossroads Strategies as their lobbying firm. Aside from that, it has also recruited Alison Kutler as its new head of government affairs. Kutler is the former chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau and special advisor to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission from June 2015 to Apr 2017.

While Dapper Labs did not disclose much of the terms of their intentions, the company spokesperson, Rachel Rogers, had expressed its desire to promote education and adoption of web3 in mainstream culture. Thus, this trailblazing entity seeks to influence policies that enable individuals and communities to delve deep into this fast-growing industry.

As Dapper Labs continues to translate its clear-cut vision into action, it hopes to create policies that will greatly help the industry’s growth and development. Above anything else, it also wishes to spark a movement among industry players to rise up to the challenge and strive to drive change across the crypto realm.