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DC Artist and Writer Mike S. Miller Ventures Into the NFT Space With Meta Bounty Hunters

Although NFTs have been around for some time, it was only in 2021 that they started to surge in popularity. The success of the established projects spawned hundreds if not thousands of new projects. Joining the fray is the upcoming project Meta Bounty Hunters

Meta Bounty Hunters, or MBH, is a digital collection of 8,888 unique NFTs. It is an invite-only community and collective of individuals who share a community-first mindset focusing on spreading peace throughout the galaxy with community giveaways and charitable models. The Meta Bounty Hunters represent a community, tribe, and galactic alliance of Doers organized to take action and do the most good of any community for its members, leaving a tremendous impact for doing good in the galaxy. 

Each NFT has roughly 235 characteristics of varying rarity distributed across 14 categories, giving a completely unique Bounty Hunter look that will never be duplicated. The NFTs are algorithmically generated by combining 14 rarity types and variations within each type to create a unique Meta Bounty Hunters. As no two MBH NFTs are exactly the same in the galaxy, some tokens have a higher value than others.

The project is also being developed to become integrated into the Metaverse. Members of the Galaxy (the community) will earn rewards through affiliate referral reflections by referring new members to the community. Bounty Staking Pools can also directly benefit the NFT holders through weekly direct reflection payouts. The architecture of the community creates a perpetual “Do Good Fund” that allows the community to positively impact every living being, species, and mother earth with quarterly and annual do-good causes. “This galaxy will redefine the meaning of community in NFTs and eventually within the Metaverse,” said the founders.

The Meta Bounty Hunters were created by Mike S. Miller, a veteran artist who spent three decades in the comic industry. He has lent his talents to publishing giants DC Comics. In addition, he has worked on the Adventures of Superman and the covers of Injustice Gods: Among Us, Game of Thrones, and its related prequels. Miller has also developed an independent project titled Lonestar.

Miller’s creativity does not end with the visual arts, as he has also penned a piece of literature titled Deal with the Devil. His work was optioned by Lionsgate Films but has since been in development with Broken Road Production. He would later shift his attention to the NFT market in 2021 with the sudden popularity of NFTs. Miller collaborated with the top crypto influencer on YouTube, Bitboy Crypto. They collaborated on various NFT projects before he launched his own NFT project, Funky Monkey Frat House.

Along with the unique design, Meta Bounty Hunters also has a rich backstory. Holders are taken to a world where the bright empire Galactic Cryptopia brings a ray of hope, expanding into new territories. However, as they journeyed for their advocacy, dark forces started gathering to answer their call, forming a league known as SCAM. Their battle against the empire left individuals seeking revenge, prompting them to form the Meta Bounty Hunters.

Prospective holders will be able to get their hands on the Meta Bounty Hunters, with the project set to launch publicly on February 17, 2022.