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Divinity Cells NFTs Demonstrates How Cells Might Look Like in the Unexplored Universe

There is still much left to explore in the universe, and humanity might never be able to finish exploring all of its vast horizons. While many are wondering what other life looks like beyond the Earth or if there are other forms of life out there at all, the creators of Divinity Cells have relied on their rich imagination to picture how Cells would look like in the vast universe, further giving people ideas on what other creatures would look like as a whole. The NFT collection aims to give the world a fresh take on life in the universe and beyond, and the Cells are ready to dominate the NFT space. 

Divinity Cells features a collection of 8,000 unique NFTs inspired by the cells that live in the Ethereum blockchain. The creators produced a reflection of what they think cells that inhabit unknown galaxies in the universe might look like and translated them as digital collectibles set to bring holders something they’ve yet experienced or owned before in the digital space.

“The Cells, our artworks, are very unique and different from the current NFT climate,” explained the creators. “Each cell has been individually crafted with unique textures, shapes, sizes, and colors, categorized into three distinguishable groups: Singular Cells, Double Cells, and Legendary Cells,” they added further.

In addition, every Cell in the highly-anticipated collection is detailed, a testament to the talent and level of dedication every artist has put into their contributions. Each artwork can be zoomed in and out, allowing holders to explore their NFTs further up close and discover what’s hidden beneath the surface. Divinity Cells provide a sense of observing cells under a microscope, only this time, the creators are using blockchain technology to give collectors a fresh perspective while simultaneously enriching their imagination.

“Aside from the definition and depth of each NFT, the Cells have been individually crafted with very unique characteristics, rather than a combination of various elements on repeating characters. The concept behind the art, the influence of an envisioned outer galaxy organism, is also a significant factor,” the creators said. 

Besides being part of a coveted community in the digital space, holders will also automatically be qualified to enter a treasure hunt. Divinity Cells holders will be able to participate in an interactive search for clues and icons hidden within the depths of various Cells. This particular kind of treasure hunt will be the first of its kind in the digital ecosystem, making it all the more anticipated by the NFT community. By the end of the treasure hunt, holders will be able to win more than 100 NFTs and various crypto prizes, including 1 BTC. 

“We are a close-knit community, welcoming of all. However, our project would most likely appeal to NFT, crypto, and metaverse enthusiasts, as well as people who are interested in stocks and investments,” explained the creators. The project’s community is on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram.

With many exciting things planned ahead on the project’s roadmap, the founders aim to ensure that only those who are truly passionate about the rise of NFTs would be part of such a momentous project. Nonetheless, the community also encourages novice investors to join its growing circle to allow them to learn from expert traders and NFT holders, making the platform even more meaningful as it will act as a pool for exchanging ideas. 

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