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Dream Hunters NFT Project to Build a Strong Community for Dreamers Worldwide

Dreamers can be found anywhere in the world, but not everyone has the support of like-minded people who will encourage them to break free from their comfort zones and brave the unknown. The Dream Hunters aim to amplify the value of dreaming through the NFT space and build a community where everyone will feel empowered to succeed. Launching 10,001 NFTs into the digital sphere, the project wants NFT enthusiasts to reflect on the characters and establish themselves with a community that will push them to reach their dreams.

The Dream Hunters community is built to satisfy two missions–to change the world and help others. The community is for people who are driven and passionate about their dreams. The founders aim to unify people worldwide into one avenue where they will receive the support they need to boost their confidence and learn from industry experts. 

“Our members can share their life goals–health goals, business goals, relationships, and more, and the other members and creators can help them through professional counseling, consulting, moral support, and more,” shared one of the project’s representatives. “We will be constantly adding more experts and coaches as our community grows.”

In addition, community members who share the same goals can form their own private chat with one accountability senior leader. To continually encourage members to strive for their dreams, they will receive fun rewards and surprises from the project.

“To change the world, we must first change ourselves. In this community, we will work together to push our limits while respecting the fact that we are all humans after all,” shared Silvio Luchetti, one of the creators.

Furthermore, the Dream Hunters are unlike any other art launched in the NFT space. The art represents young dreamers who are ready to fulfill their dreams, committed to pursuing their passion, and driven to do whatever it takes to overcome any obstacle ahead. The NFTs vowed to never lose their passion and work hard to discover their purpose, and the creators want their holders to see a reflection of themselves in the collection. 

The Dream Hunters’ art represents the child the founders believe is still inside everyone, the child that believes no dream is too big to reach. “We created the art with the goal of reminding all of us to keep the faith, dream big like when we were kids, and at the same time, to encourage every kid in the world that every dream is valid and could be a reality,” the founders said.

Besides being part of an amazing community and holding a masterful piece of art, holders will also have exclusive access to the Dream Hunters’ future projects. The founders are eager to launch initiatives they see can change the world and plan to collaborate with other renowned artists to represent more dreamers with different personalities. Furthermore, 100 holders will receive The Dream Box with a metal NFC card version of their NFTs and will be given access to worldwide events as well as complimentary travel perks. Holders will also get a share of the projects’ success through monthly royalties. 

With many exciting perks in store, interested investors are already flocking the Dream Hunters’ Discord server. Without a doubt, the project will make a lasting impact on the digital space, and its community will be the best one yet. 

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