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Elysium Club NFT Opening Up a New World of Utility and Massive Rewards in the NFT Space

Elysium Club NFT

Non-fungible tokens have earned massive publicity mainly because of the promise they hold as a future wealth storage mode. Elysium Club NFT is set to fulfill the essence of the NFT concept, which is to deliver massive utility and value to holders in the NFT space.

Elysium Club NFT presents itself as more than an image, line of code, or chest. According to the collection’s website, “It is a bridge, a bridge for all to cross, exclusive only to the most daring. The most curious—the visionaries. Owning a piece of our collection is like owning the right to live a new life: clean, modern, sharp, exciting. It is a blank slate, a clean chapter, welcoming and beaconing to all those who need it.”

Elysium Club holders are automatically enrolled to receive Priority Pass membership in the collection’s community. Which gives them access to more than 1,300 premium airport lounges across the world. The NFT also lets lets them book luxury apartment stays in cities worldwide, and provides access to booking chartered jet flights globally. But first slots will be available for Legendary and Super Rare NFTs.

Elysium Club NFT

Elysium Club is a world on its own with an interesting roadmap of milestones and benefits for its holders. In contrast to many NFT projects that offer holders benefits and perks in the future. Elysium Club delivers on its value offerings early enough to make sure members of the community are making the most of their investment from the get-go. Beyond access to airports, luxury apartments, and private jet flights, other perks. That Elysium Club offers and has promised to deliver this first quarter include access to exclusive events in cities around the world for all holders. Access to events in various metaverses for all holders, and an emergency hotline that is available 24/7.

As the collection grows, the team of creators will add more perks. Also these perks will be delivered in milestones over the next year. The collection has already sent holders out on a week-long charter in the Maldives. With their partner Super Yachts Monaco, as well as hosted its first event in Miami for North American holders.

The second quarter will see every holder getting one free commercial flight every quarter. Access to networking events and meet and greets with notable individuals and the team behind Elysium NFT. Access to future yacht experiences with the team, access to free luxury car rentals, expansion of luxury apartment network to cover more cities. Also luxury hotels, and luxury surprise giveaways. The next two quarters will feature an expansion of all existing benefits and perks for holders while the collection itself grows in the NFT space. “We have so much for our holders and we hope it’ll blow their minds. We’re really thinking out of this world,” one of the creators said.

Prospective holders can join the collection’s Discord channel to stay updated.

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