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Ethereum’s “The Merge” Set to Revolutionize the Crypto Space and Become Home to Projects Like Big Eyes

Ethereum has long been one of the most valuable coins, despite the cryptocurrency’s colorful roster of distinctive tokens.

Even with the recent crypto market crashes, Ethereum still holds the second spot behind Bitcoin. Although its value has decreased, it remains one of the more popular coins in the market.

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Ethereum 2.0

When the Ethereum 2.0 update, also known as “The Merge,” comes online. It is set to bring about improvements that will have a long-lasting effect on the wider crypto scene.

The crypto coin’s consistency in the market has helped it build a massive user base. But it has also made the blockchain unbearably slow and more expensive with its higher gas fees. 

Ethereum has also garnered a reputation as an energy-consuming blockchain, using hundreds of millions of joules of energy for each transaction.

The Merge strives to create a solution, that is design to bring ETH to a proof-of-stake validation system. Which is tipped to be more energy-efficient and run faster than proof-of-work systems.

The proof-of-stake system utilizes stakeholders machines when running blockchain validation – an effective solution to the system and energy consumption problems.

The system merges the Beacon Chain with mainnet Ethereum, giving way to proof-of-stake validation. The proof-of-stake system adds a consensus layer, allowing the validation system change to work. However, it also won’t affect the daily functionality of Ethereum.

The Merge not only improves the experience for Ethereum users and increases longevity. But also presents incentives, drawing the attention of new crypto projects seeking the right blockchain to build their platform.

Big Eyes (BIG) is an upcoming meme token designed with an anime-style cartoon cat of the same name.

BIG was design and coded by the cat himself, Big Eyes. The token utilizes his appearance and business smarts to develop a digital asset. That brings both fun and community seen in meme coins that have innovative ecosystems.

The token has aspects and features that only a cat can conjure, including mentions of fish and sushi. Big Eyes also offers charity incentives for ocean conservation, storing 5% of all BIG tokens in a user’s wallet for charitable purposes.

With its update, Ethereum will pose a smaller risk to oceans thanks to low energy output. Additionally, it will provide great expansion opportunities by linking and advertising the token, sending a clear message to conserve the ocean.

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