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Exciting NFT Project Tronic Empowers More Artists by Monetizing Their Works

In the NFT world, the community is the center of all things that grow and flourish. So any company that prioritizes the end-user has a better likelihood of winning. With that said, Tronic is likely the most customer-focused Web3 company in existence today. The founders believe that blockchain technology is here to stay, and exciting new worlds are forming just beyond the horizon. The vision of Tronic is to become a company that gives high value to its clients. It is a Web3 company that aims to empower humans through reason and understanding.

The team behind Tronic is dedicated to helping aspiring and established NFT enthusiasts. Brands make the transition to Web3 through partnerships and projects that are fair, useful, make sense, and move everyone forward together. “We want to be a part of those worlds, and we want everyone to come along with us,” says the founders of this exciting NFT Projet. 

Tronic upholds the value of creativity and community and was made for those who seek and believe in a connected future where artists, brands, and creators collaborate and bring meaningful experiences to audiences in fresh ways. Tronic builds and offers a better way to create, manage, distribute and monetize creators’ visions in the NFT market. 

To usher more people to embrace this new medium through active investment into creators of novel drop concepts, they are creating tooling or Tronic Platform Services to help engage creators in more effective and efficient ways. This tool would also help in creating fair and mutually sustainable relationships.

One of the values that this NFT project focuses on is sustainability. That belief is a core tenet of their company. They are looking to partner with the most sustainable blockchains available and will develop their sustainable technologies shortly. Tronic is launching a curated marketplace with a wide variety of art. They have collections from world-renowned tattoo artists, sought-after modern artists, and everything in between. In addition, they are doing drops that range from the fun and playful to the hardcore utility-focused. The premier first drop from Tronic is the Tronic Pass. It will be Tronic’s signature project and allow access for holders to all the new tools they are building this year and early access to news about new drops and white list spots.

The Tronic team fully understands that Web3 is a new and exciting world and that the manifestation of this future will take on all shapes and forms. Therefore, they are looking beyond current trends and empowering all forms of artwork, music, film, science, and keeping their minds open to where technology evolves man and man evolves technology. To put it simply, Tronic is a product of a strong desire for innovation.

As their community grows and becomes more public, Tronic Pass is looking to attract both hard-core collectors and enthusiasts who want access to new drops and artists who want access to the tools they are developing. They want to include everyone and welcome newcomers and aspiring holders who want to collect art. They plan to make transactions straightforward and have the ability for users to check out via CC coming very soon.

Learn more about Tronic through their website, Twitter, and Discord server.

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