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First Ever Decentralized Stablecoin Revenue Aggregator Developed by the DeFi Platform

Source: Genesis Block

Traditional approaches are slowly being replaced by decentralized systems as decentralized finance (DeFi) begins to influence low-interest rates. 

In the wake of an accelerating inflation rate and growing interest rates, it is a sad reality that in 2021 the average American is earning less in bank savings than they would have had had their money not gone into retirement or other investments. Neighboring countries such as Canada offer little more despite also experiencing high levels of economic growth. 

People who rely on banks with their life earnings inside savings accounts should anticipate little to no growth in their riches. 

As a result, DeFi is rapidly taking the edge from traditional finance. A new concept in the finance world which would eliminate intermediaries and cut out fees, DeFi could potentially result in higher returns for investors, especially those who are lacking access or opportunity to other financial markets. 

It is a great way to invest in the future, but it’s sometimes too complex for everyone. It can be difficult and confusing at times with all of its different terms that you need to know before investing any money into this space. 

Even those who are eager to dive into this scheme are having a hard time understanding its concepts and seeking out its ever-changing and immensely volatile market. As a result, many have begun flocking to stablecoins as an alternative that seeks the best of both worlds.

Stablecoins has been gaining traction in recent years. They are pegs that try to keep their value stable against other currencies or assets, making them popular choices for people who want to trade digital products like cryptocurrencies without worrying about volatility and exchange rate changes affecting prices too much. 

However, to make these more accessible, many people have sought out a stablecoins deposit option. One that can be used by someone who may not consider themselves “tech savvy.”

Zunami is tackling this market space, with one of the first automated asset managers for stablecoins. They’re trying to create an alternative solution in order to provide investors safe and profitable deposits unlike those found at traditional banks.

Zunami’s solution will provide users with automatic pool selection, straightforward interactions and automatic sale and reinvestment. The company also has plans for a transaction streamlining mechanism that aims to make transactions easier than ever before.

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