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Funky Bunnies Becomes the Latest Addition to the 3D Sector of the NFT Space

Although 2021 saw Non-Fungible Tokens surge in the digital landscape, most people don’t realize they have been around for quite some time. The success of established projects prompted crypto enthusiasts to delve into the space, creating their own NFT brands in the process. The NFT space was quickly congested in a short time, filled with projects developing 2D tokens with animal themes. Despite how common the style has become, some brands wanted to venture out of the circle by creating 3D art pieces. Among those breaking from the 2D mold is the Funky Bunnies NFT.

Funky Bunnies is one of the most innovative forms of art and creates a fancy playground straight from the concepts of Asia-based artist studio AllenxRoot. The project was built around an initial drop consisting of 3,333 unique NFTs found on the Ethereum Blockchain. Funk Bunnies strives to unite cuteness with the punk appearance. Additionally, the community is setting the project up to become the next generation’s trends, with utilities deemed to become a Web3 innovation brand.

The Bunnies (the project’s NFTs) are specifically made with funky styling. Like a scientist’s invention, everything about the NFTs was built from scratch. “In the beginning was a word, and the word was Bunny,” proclaimed the Funky Bunnies team. “But now it has funkiness.”

The NFT project is more than just a pretty collection and promises holders a wide array of rewards. It also gives them a unique story that adds value to its already alluring design. The story takes holders thousands of years into the future, where the residents of a new world, the Funky Bunnies, spin off into 3,333 gangs. While each is distinct, they also share some familiar features. The bunnies had been exploring the Metaverse when they entered the town of punks. It was there that everything changed, ushering an evolution. As a result, the bunnies available became completely unique. 

The Funk Bunnies project was developed by the artist AllenxRoot, who grew up without the resources to buy cryptocurrency or NFTs. Because he was not born into a wealthy family, the artist struggled his way into learning everything on his own. Allen utilized his knowledge and acquired everything needed to touch the sky with his thinking but without sacrificing his foot on the ground, remaining down to earth with his decisions. 

While the majority of NFT projects are sought after as potential PFPs, the Funky Bunnies not only have rarities but also a Royal funky emotion attached to them. Holders will also get a one-of-a-kind roadmap with floor-friendly mechanisms.

“We are setting up a Web3 Innovation branch which will bring in several things and utilities for holders like custom uploading your NFT merchandise store and Web3 coaching platform at later phases. In addition, early access and discounts to all holders will be given,” revealed the Funky Bunnies team. “We want to offer the community something more than the art and the utility—a kind of emotion.”

Although the launch and mint dates are yet to be announced, Funky Bunnies is set to revolutionize the NFT space with its innovative platform, creating a unique community for years to come. 

A strong community of prospective holders has formed on Discord while the project continues to ramp up supporters on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook. Their Instagram has just gained above 40k following recently.

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