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Gains Upon Gains: Metapump NFT Takes Over the Metaverse With Fitness at Its Core

 NFTs are all the rage these days. The topic has entered the mainstream and is becoming a huge part of the digital world. This brave new frontier is just the tip of the iceberg, but countless NFT projects have already pioneered the endeavor, setting a course for the inevitable future of Web3 and Blockchain integration. Niche communities have embraced NFTs as a way of interacting, collecting, and creating value. The fitness industry is no exception with the highly anticipated release of Metapump NFT.

Metapump NFT is a collection of 9,600 unique three-dimensional characters, all of which are based on legendary bodybuilder Jay Cutler. The four-time Mr. Olympia winner is making his dynamic entry into the world of NFTs with Metapump. Each token will have some utility type, with certain characters becoming access tokens for a variety of real-life events, community gatherings, and personal meetups with Jay Cutler himself.

The NFT brand is the brainchild of Whitney Reid as he collaborates with American Bodybuilder Jay Cutler, who has over 10M followers between 3 platforms, to craft an NFT project that the fitness world has never seen before. The project aims to inspire those in the fitness industry to conquer the world of NFTs and reap countless rewards for their efforts. The project is designed to evolve over the years, with sustainability and longevity at the heart of each decision.

It’s early days for the up-and-coming NFT project, but the roadmap already looks extremely processing. Whitney Reid and Jay Cutler hope to continue adding on the plethora of incentives for its holders, but that’s not to say the Meta Pumps don’t already deliver well on that front. Currently, prospective holders will gain access to exclusive rewards such as a personal connection with Jay Cutler as he hosts Zoom calls, one-on-one Instagram live streams, and VIP meetups at Jay Cutler Classic events. 

Metapump Holders will also earn exclusive apparel and in-person training with Jay himself in Las Vegas. Travel costs will be shouldered by the project, so holders will not need to worry about actually showing up. In addition to the project’s unique way of connecting holders with its team and founder, Metapump will also reward one token holder with a VIP red carpet trip to the Mr. Olympia contest hosted in Las Vegas in mid-December. 

Additionally, token holders will also receive discounts to Cutler Nutrition and Cutler Athletics, two brands owned by Jay Cutler, and to supplement and apparel brands on top of all the magnificent rewards that the project already offers. The fitness-heavy theme of the project, however, shouldn’t discourage other NFT enthusiasts as the founders also hope to add brands outside the fitness community as the project continues to grow.

Founder Whitney Reid is an avid NFT collector and crypto investor, so the project is just right up his alley. Instead of just settling on building his collection, he decided to build an NFT project himself, and the rest, as they say, is history. “I was an early investor in crypto and started investing in NFTs around the beginning of COVID lockdowns,” shared Whitney. “I am a collector at heart (a massive sports card and memorabilia collector) and love investing in alternative assets, so NFTs were a perfect fit for me. I started with NBA Top Shot, VeeFriends, and many others.”

In 2021, Whitney and Jay discussed the possibility of launching their own NFT collection. Fast forward to today; after countless hours of research and learning about other projects, they have built Metapump NFT from the ground up. With the eventual release of the project, it is poised to spark a revolution in the fitness industry and drive more growth in the NFT world as a whole. “I’m sure we could have just launched images of Jay and sold plenty, but that isn’t our goal,” explained Whitney Reid. “Ultimately, I want to be a driving force in the Web3 fitness community. I know it could be many years down the road, and it will be a significant investment, but I am dedicated to this project.”

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