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GAMERS NFTS: Providing the Community with a Remarkable Collection Made by Gamers, for Gamers

The gaming industry is undeniably one of the largest enterprises in the modern world. As it continues to grow by the day, so many industries are looking for ways to capitalize on the thriving scene. In the crypto space, a dynamic team has created the remarkable project that champions gaming – GAMERS NFTS.

It is a collection of 20,000 non-fungible tokens that upholds gaming culture in general. As a testament to this, it has over 100 references to various gaming trends, gaming terms, web3 elements, and even pop culture. Each avatar is aptly called a GAMER, and the designs feature a combination of more than 200 traits. Some skins are rarer than others and will therefore be highly sought after; this includes the Takeover Headset, Diamond Bullet-Proof Vest, Rainbow Unicorn Dreads, and AFK Skin.

Unlike other gaming ventures in the NFTS scene that only focus on one aspect, the project provides a holistic experience. Given this, all types of gaming enthusiasts across different platforms will find something they like, whether they love playing on a PC, console, mobile phone, or handheld device.

In addition, GAMERS NFTS is a community-focused enterprise. In fact, its token holders will play a crucial role in providing essential feedback relating to their experiences on the platform. The collection also comes with other generous utilities and benefits for each checkpoint reached. Some of the exciting rewards that will be given away range from controllers, consoles, and in-game currency to sports event tickets and even a Bookgames NFTS.

Aside from its exquisite artwork and excellent utilities, what separates the project from the competition is the unrivaled commitment of its founders and creators. As they positively shared, “As a team, we decided to spend hours among hours studying the NFTS space so that we could understand it better. We have been a part of some really great projects, some middle of the road and then some that, unfortunately, were total rug pulls! With the good and the bad came a lot of learning from our team, and we finally believed we had enough knowledge to bring our collection to the space in a way that benefits gamers worldwide.”

They went on to say, “Gaming is endlessly abundant, and we wanted to capture the entire space with this collection. Our team has spent the last four months detailing and analyzing each trait to assure that all of our community members love their GAMERS on mint day!”

Because of these things, GAMERS NFTS is starting to create a buzz among avid gamers and NFTS collectors alike. Its tight-knit community of like-minded individuals often hang out and communicate on its dedicated Discord server as well as its Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

GAMERS NFTS is already available for mint, and its public sale began on April 20 at 8:00 PM EST. As such, interested individuals should hurry up and secure their tokens as the collection may sell out soon.

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