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GameStop Starts the Year Off by Expanding into the NFT Industry

Source: New Yorker

With Samsung adding NFTs to its TVs and OpenSea receiving $300 million in its Serie C funding round, it is no secret that the NFT industry is booming. 

With the way things are going, it comes as no surprise that some companies have capitalized on the boom and are expanding into the market. 

One such company is GameStop. The company has partnered with several firms such as Razer, Samsung, Logitech, Vizio, and LG. 

To stand out from the competition in video games, GameStop has recruited about 20 programmers to work on its expansion into the NFT market. It has also recruited NFT developers, editors, and illustrators to work on their first project.

With these developments, the firm’s share price has risen over 10 percent.

GameStop could create NFTs such as weapons, avatars, video game products, and even skins.

GameStop’s expansion into the NFT market could spell a revolution in the video game industry as it expands its technology.

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