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High Horse House NFT Promising Unlimited Fun in the Metaverse while Delivering Value and Utility

In the words of one of the creators, “High Horse House is the immersive new NFT project Promising unparalleled rewards by welcoming holders into an elite society that knows how to have one hell of a good time!” A description like that holds a lot of promise, and digital enthusiasts watching such a project will undoubtedly expect more than the average.

The world of NFTs has brought with it never-before-seen potential and promise that people are ready to be a part of it immediately. Over the past year, since non-fungible tokens had their run of dominance, many projects have come to life and shed light on numerous possibilities. Now, a new one is joining the tribe to keep that exciting world alive while making sure digital enthusiasts stand a good chance of reaping their expected benefits.

High Horse House NFT aims to make waves in the metaverse and real-world alike with elite parties, engaging games, DAO voting and insane prizes. The collection’s main characters are horses with a backstory that depicts them as always ready to get wild with reckless abandon. According to the backstory, the horses escaped from the captivity of the mad scientist, Dr. Von Derpus and from the point of the escape, they have been nothing but funky, free and always ready to run wild, finding solace in the pleasures that the wider world gives them. “We are targeting NFT collectors and newcomers to the NFT world, and we want to provide an ecosystem where everyone is benefiting,” the project’s spokesperson said.

The team behind High Horse House NFT is closely knitted, and working together closely enabled them to deliver the project and its concepAs depicted in their images, thehe magnificent steeds of High Horse House represent freedom, taking pride in being different and not getting held back by those who are against one’s progress. The team described the horses as a fun-loving bunch that lives a ganja-fueled gallop.

High Horse House NFT is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that will be available directly for public purchase on February 12, 2022, on the High Horse House NFT’s website. Each NFT will be listed at a mint price of 0.123 ETH (including gas fees) to create a fair playing ground for all NFT enthusiasts and new entrants. In addition, holders of High Horse House NFT will be able to use their tokens to access numerous members-only benefits and exclusive events in the Metaverse and real life.

Once the collection sells out, the team has scheduled a real-world party slated to hold at a location voted on by the community and will be streamed live in the Metaverse for every High Horse House NFT holder worldwide to enjoy. Also, giveaways have been announced with amazing prizes like a large framed print of a holder’s horse to be won by five people, a luxury cigar box filled with Cuban Cohibas to be won by five people, a custom 24k gold coin to be won by three people and the main prize, a Mutant Ape Yacht Club.

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