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How a dApp Launch Slowed Down the Solana Network

Source: SolChicks

The Solana network is one of the most prominent of its kind in today’s cryptocurrency arena. With the market taking shares across the Ethereum currency, it is indeed considered to be among the biggest platforms for crypto. Solana has also welcomed various NFT-based projects together with SolChicks, and one of its latest undertakings is an on-chain game with a plat-to-earn (P2E) model. The project gained too much traction among crypto investors and enthusiasts that the hype for its launch has officially broken down the Solana network.

The P2E game was created by the developers of SolChicks, an NFT collection located in the Solana Network. In the game, players can acquire assets using their main characters. The P2E game is launched alongside a Player-to-Player (PvP) counterpart, a gameplay with raids characteristics.

“We apologize for the inconvenience of this delay, but tens of thousands of people are trying to buy $CHIKCS, and the Raydium server has crashed it,” the team behind the dApp launch posted on their Twitter account to apologize for the problematic token generation event (TGE). “It appears SolScan is also not loading our contract address right now either,” they added.

The project generated such a massive buzz that the hype slowed down the activities in the Solana network. The dApp caused too many users to try to enter the platform through Raydium and Solana, the blockchain backing the launch. With so many people vying for a spot all at once, the network encountered various technical issues.

While the team tried to fix the issue for a seamless dApp launch, they explained that the Solana network is more capable of addressing the problem.

“The token claiming dashboard has crashed, as the Solana network is extremely congested. We’ve had tens of thousands of simultaneous claims and buys, and there simply isn’t enough capacity in the network. This is something that is completely out of our hands and rests solely on the Solana network,” the team further explained.

As a final message, the team further said to the community: “Once again, we sincerely apologize for the hiccups on launch day. No one likes or wants these holdups; however, you can be rest assured that our entire team is working around the clock to actively rectify these issues, including liaising with Solana and Raydium directly.

While the record-breaking dApp launch may have caused an inconvenient stir in the Solana network, it merely shows how digital assets are eagerly welcomed by investors across the globe, further attesting to the future of the crypto industry.

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