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How Joey Sendz Came From Being Underestimated to a Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur and NFT Authority 

Success can be highly elusive, even more so for those who go through the journey alone without the support of other people. However, one inspiring individual has remarkably beaten the odds by becoming a multi-millionaire at only 20 years old – Joey Sendz

Hailing from Minnesota, he is a visionary who bravely moved thousands of miles and left his family, friends, and connections to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Since then, he has founded numerous thriving ventures, the first one being a door-to-door sales team. The enterprise quickly took off, and within a few months after its inception, he started earning thousands a week.

Eventually, the young business owner was introduced to the world of crypto. The brilliant mind went on to create Junior Punks alongside his business partner, TheBlondeJon. It is a collection of 5,555 generative pixel art NFTs that aim to provide learning and educational value to its holders. Just 40 days after conceiving the incredible idea, the project had sold out for $3.5 million and catapulted him into multi-millionaire status.

On top of that, he also became a bonafide digital influencer with the exponential growth of his TikTok account. In just three months, he amassed a massive following of over 500,000, which continues to increase by the day. 

Joey Sendz has undoubtedly proven his unrivaled business acumen through the success of his brands and companies. But what most people do not know is that the CEO’s journey to the top was not an easy one. After all, most people around him shared their apprehensions when he optimistically declared that he would become a millionaire by age 21.

Looking back on his experience, he shared, “My parents thought I was crazy, my friends didn’t understand it, my own Dad wouldn’t invest in it, people were confused why I just up and left with such conviction about something that was a million times larger than anything I’d ever done. But it didn’t matter who believed in me; I believed.”

Yet despite that, the young dreamer firmly believed in his ideas and vision. Fueled by his passion for his craft, impeccable work ethic, and relentless drive, he has proven his doubters wrong by becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his generation. 

When asked what motivated him to accomplish such a remarkable feat, he explained, “The key to making it happen was putting my back against the wall and keeping a bulletproof mindset of the belief that I would reach my goals.”

Moving forward, Joey Sendz intends to continue scaling his business empire to greater heights. But above all, he also hopes to serve as an inspiration for others, especially the youth who have been underestimated. “Now that I am an entrepreneur and have run businesses, my main focus is on inspiring and impacting people. Having an outward focus on value for others instead of just your own personal bank account is the only true route to fulfillment and true astronomic success,” he insightfully said. 

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