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International Filmmaker Stephen Fung Introduces the Departed Apes Cinematic NFT in New York

Stephen Fung took center stage in one of the most anticipated web 3.0 events in New York.

(NEW YORK, 20 July 2022) Actor, writer, and director Stephen Fung, who directed the 2019 film Wu Assassins, recently revealed details of the much-awaited non-fungible token (NFT) community known as Departed Apes during the NFT.NYC, the world’s leading NFT event in New York organized each year. The NFT.NYC gives the community a voice, keeps people connected, and educates them about the long-term value of NFTs. 

Not so long ago, Stephen grew an interest in digital arts. Sparking a new passion that kept him very excited. Saying, “Revealing an NFT reminds me of opening a new toy on Christmas. Okay, I may be able to do this, but I’m in the business of evoking emotions.”

A few months ago, he co-founded Grid6 Studios alongside Media Asia Group and Everest Venture Group. Therefore, the leading Web3 investment company that took part in the Dapper Labs, Animoca, the Sandbox, and Yuga Lab, among others. The newly established project intends to bring cinematic storytelling to Web3.

In total, Departed Apes will feature tokens reaching 8,027 characters. These characters reside within the Ethereum blockchain and will continue to roam their parallel university. It is noteworthy to learn that the creators invited Marvel Cover artist Logan Lubera to bring life to Stephen’s vision. 

“Our community is essential to us. We want to build a platform where aspiring directors, producers, writers, actors, critics or movie fans would love. They can take part in a future milestone – Departed Apes animation feature. We will also begin by holding AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with accomplished guest speakers from all over the world,” revealed Stephen. 

American actor Daniel Wu also appeared as one of the guest speakers. In addition to making a household name in Asia, and he also build a name for himself in the U.S. Daniel appeared at the after-party at Grid6 Studios in Manhattan, New York. Where there were many guests from collectors, investors, and movie lovers. 

All eyes are on Departed Apes as NFT enthusiasts, investors, and digital art collectors await its formal launch. If anything, it is design to disrupt as it is known not to conform to others standards. Being the first of its kind to combine the storytelling power of cinema and Web3 ownership. Being able to bring these features to the table will definitely get peoples’ interest stirring. Also as in any newly developed NFT, connecting with the right group of people is a good beginning. 

With Stephen on board, there is no doubt that the Departed Apes will get all the support it needs. In order to stand out within the metaverse. The same is true in all his ventures. Seeing how he is very committed and willing to work hard to get the goal done. With his potential to earn more through NFTs. Stephen will soon set admirable examples to younger investors and collectors who wish to try their luck in the metaverse.  

“If you build it, they will come,” Stephen said when he ended his speech, using a quote from the American sports film Field of Dreams. 

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