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Jim Carrey Finally Dives Into the NFT Space With One of the Most Beautiful NFT Art Pieces

Celebrities delving into the latest trends is nothing new, so when Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs started making waves online, many were quick to hop on the fad. However, although many have already voiced their support for the collectibles from the beginning, it was only recently that actor and comedian Jim Carrey joined the NFT space.

While other celebrities went for popular collectibles like CryptoPunks and Bored Apes, Jim Carrey steered towards a more unconventional collection by swooping up an NFT created by the collaboration of photographer Ryan Koopmans and Swedish artist Alice Wexell.

The NFT, titled Devotion, is taken from the genesis project “The Wild Within.” The collection is a series of works by Koopmans and Wexell that’s designed to bring new life into abandoned buildings from the Soviet era.

“Based on real-world physical spaces, an animated rebirth into a digital realm has been created,” wrote the website.

The collection describes a town in Georgia called Tskaltubo, which used to be a popular health destination in the Soviet Union. It was renowned for its therapeutic water and luxurious sanatoriums. However, when the Union collapsed, the buildings became deserted and started decaying through the years. 

Photographer Koopmans visited the region for years, exploring the ruins and taking snapshots of the spaces. He later collaborated with Alice Wexell to revive the empty space and bring life back into the rooms.

Jim Carrey shared on Twitter that he chose to purchase the NFT for its artistic values and the remarkable way it captured nature and its continuous revitalization.

“This one stops me. James Joyce said that’s a good thing,” he tweeted. “Thank you [Ryan Koopmans] for gently capturing nature’s exquisite and relentless reinvention. BTW you’re my first NFT.”

The actor bought Devotion through the MoonPay service on the SuperRare NFT marketplace for 20 ETH ($39,500 at the time).

Jim Carrey has also delved into the visual arts, painting and drawing through the decades outside of his acting career. As an artist, Carrey creates expressive and emotive works, holding numerous exhibits worldwide through the years. So with his vast background, it was no surprise that his genuine interest in art led him to buy Devotion.