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Konami to Launch NFT Collection to Celebrate Castlevania’s 35th Anniversary

As the Castlevania series turns 35, Konami celebrates one of the most iconic series ever created. With an Konami NFT collection consisting of high-quality artworks relating to the series. The upcoming auction is already generating a buzz in the gaming community. Named the Konami Memorial NFT collection. The Castlevania-themed digital assets will feature gaming scenes, background music, and meticulously-drawn visuals representing the highlights of the series’ history.

Konami Holdings Corporation, better known to the world as Konami. It is a Japanese entertainment and video game company that has long stamped its name in the hearts of players across the globe. Konami also produces trading cards, anime, slot machines, arcade cabinets, and operates casinos worldwide. In addition, the company has acquired many video game franchises–Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Contra, Fogger, Tokimeki Memorial, Parodius, Gradius, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pro Evolution Soccer, and of course, Castlevania.

The lives of vampire hunters are the focus of the Gothic horror action-adventure game series Castlevania. As much as the name sounds pretty much like a funeral. The Konami Memorial NFT collection will bear the haunting and bloody images of Castlevania. And give NFT enthusiasts commemorative collectibles of some of the best scenes throughout the series’ history. 

The Konami Memorial NFT is the first project the company will be undertaking. In the NFT landscape and using blockchain technology. Besides celebrating Castlevania’s anniversary, the collection is showcasing characters and scenes loved by gamers worldwide over the years. Konami president Kimihiko Higashio said that the NFT technology helps reshape the video game industry. Into something never seen or experienced before. 

Konami NFT

What’s more, with the evolution of technologies such as AI, 5G, and NFTs. As well as the increasing recognition of esports as a sporting event. We expect the market to be revive by inventive new ways to enjoy games said Kimihiko Higashio.

Furthermore, the collection will only include 14 items up for sale. Including pixel art and newly-drawn art. Which makes it one of the most exclusive and coveted collections in the NFT space to date. There will only be one copy of each NFT during the bidding. Dracula’s Castle’s pixel map, scenes from Simon’s Quest. And other artworks from various Castlevania games will all be up for auction.

In addition, holders will be give exclusive customization rights for their tokens. The purchaser’s nickname will be display when Konami deems the nickname. To be reasonable base on social standards said the company in an interview.

Besides Konami, other video game companies are also exploring the waters of NFTs. Ubisoft recently launched its own NFT collection called Ubisoft Quarts. The executives from Take-Two and Electronic Arts are also firm believers in how NFTs can shape the future of gaming. 

The NFT collection will be available for auction on OpenSea on January 12 to 14 in the United States, January 12 to 15 in the UK, and January 13 to 15 in Japan.

To view the complete list of NFTs Konami will be launching on auction, visit its website and auction page.