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Latest NFT: Global Bear Club Targets Crypto Enthusiasts and Gives Back to the Society

The cryptocurrency trend has dramatically revolutionized the financial industry, and most recently, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) joined the trend.  Since becoming mainstream in 2021, these digital assets have taken over the digital space, each new token addressing social vices, building the next generation of business moguls and entrepreneurs, and creating an opportunity to amass wealth and stay ahead of their peers. As creators continue to expand the metaverse with these innovative tokens, we expect they will ultimately redefine how we manage financial assets. One of the latest NFT projects on the horizon is Global Bear Club, a unique collection of 8,888 tokens. 

The Global Bear Club is a distinct collection of uniquely crafted 3D bears that comes in three different shapes and forms. In addition, each bear comes with rare attributes such as lanyard, fur, and jewelry, making for each bear’s unique look. After minting their token, collectors and holders can customize their token around these distinct attributes. For example, the lanyard represents the 1% trait that grants holders access and VIP exclusive perks. 

The NFT’s fur collection comes in various colors like pink, merle, mechanical, and camouflage, to name a few. In addition to the lanyard and fur, the bears are accessorized with high quality and realistic jewelry that is a high rarity in the collection and one of one clothing representing the different phases of the token.

Ahead of its official release, the brilliant mind behind this innovative token started making waves on Twitter, racking up a following of potential buyers, collectors, future holders, and crypto enthusiasts. On its official launch on January 28, the unique collection dominated the NFT space on its Discord channel and its social media platforms on Twitter and Instagram

On February 1, the Global Bears Club Instagram’s page was publicly launched, bringing excitement to the NFT community. Three days later, the collection went on pre-sale. Since then, the team has continued to update the project’s growth and roadmap, getting the community excited about its public launch on February 24.

As this innovative token continues to dominate the NFT space, the brilliant minds behind the Global Bear Club aim to give back to society by donating parts of the profits to a nonprofit organization.

“Our target audience includes people within a community wanting to contribute to a greater cause. “We pride ourselves on doing our best to deliver change to the world and providing donations to nonprofits and our holders. We want a community that is responsive and can work together for the ultimate purpose,” said the Global Bears Club team. With this community-oriented approach, Global Bear Club is at the forefront of giving a new lease of life to people who typically would have found it difficult to make any serious headway. 

Undoubtedly, Global Bear Club’s 3D token is a refreshing addition to the NFT trend bringing passive income to digital art collectors, crypto enthusiasts, and investors alike.

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