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Lazy 8ight Yacht Club Is Redefining the NFT Realm Through Its Community-Focused Vision

In response to the ever-changing and growing market concerning NFTs, many companies launching their collections are attempting their best to capture the interests of artists, celebrities, ventures, and investors in hopes of securing a coveted spot at the forefront of the industry. Coming up with new ideas and standing out can be quite tricky. Still, it is a feat that the Lazy 8ight Yacht CLub (LY8C) has no trouble with, seeing as it is officially the first NFT in the digital space to design 3D, fully traversable 90-meter mega yachts for the metaverse. 

At the core of Lazy 8ight Yacht Club is the desire to bring more value and utility to the members and surpass what other NFT projects have previously offered. Bringing to the table a collection of 8,888 unique NFTs, the Lazy 8ight Yacht Club is committed to making its name synonymous with high-end marine craftsmanship and ocean conservancy philanthropy and creating a legacy that the holders will be proud to be a part of.

The project prides itself on upholding the highest quality of standards in order to produce something that exceeds the community’s needs and expectations and introduces a collection of unique, realistic, and seamless NFTs designed by some of the world’s most talented digital artists. 

“Our team is committed to making waves in the NFT space by bringing our community the highest quality 3D NFTs, incredible incentives, exclusive networking events, and the adventure of a lifetime,” the co-founders—Arin Alesauskas, CEO; Gunnar Dunbar, COO; and Oriana Schneps, CMO—shared. “We are committed to making your investment as profitable as possible and to be the premier yachting community in the metaverse. Our team works tirelessly to bring integrity, quality, and execution into the forefront of our project.”

On top of its exquisite art, what makes the Lazy 8ight Yacht Club stand out is the emphasis it puts on the importance of collaboration within the community, which is the value it strives to reflect within its partnerships. The project aspires to exemplify how a community can successfully combine ideas to create something remarkable. In keeping up with the Lazy 8ight Yacht Club’s community-driven approach to delivering something of value, NFT holders can actively participate in decisions concerning the future of the collections.

As the creators said, “Through real-world community events, networking events, exclusive celebrations, and week-long getaways, we will bolster the Lazy 8ight Yacht Club community and NFT community as a whole. We invite you to join us as we take on this new frontier of digital marine exploration.”

Further solidifying its reputation in the metaverse, Lazy 8ight Yacht Club is donating a significant amount of the project’s proceeds to numerous marine organizations worldwide. More than just introducing something innovative in the digital space, the project aims to have a beneficial impact on the real world. 

Lazy 8ight Yacht Club has set aside early access spots for active community members. During the pre-sale, holders of early access passes will be able to mint up to three NFTs. On the day of the public mint, holders of the first 20 yachts minted during the pre-sale will receive tickets to an all-inclusive yacht party in Miami to commemorate the project’s success.

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