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Lions Not Sheep Becomes the First-Ever NFT to Add Limited FJB Attributes

The hallmark of a solid All-American brand lies in its unfaltering ability to stand up to injustice and fight for the rights of the American people. Unfortunately, most brands aim for the cookie-cutter approach by catering to the vast majority of people for fear of losing a potential market. As a result, censorship and political correctness have become the norm for these so-called brands, constantly bending backward to appease the masses. Lions Not Sheep is no such brand, firmly planting its feet on the ground to fight for freedom above all else.

In line with the brand’s mission, Lions Not Sheep has recently announced a bold political statement in the form of a limited NFT collection called the FJB NFT. Clearly, the brand has chosen a side in the political discourse, and Lions Not Sheep is siding with the American people. 

Founders Sean Whalen and Greg W Anderson are adamant about pushing their message to the masses, totally unapologetic of whoever may be offended. The FJB NFT aims to elevate their already existing Lions Not Sheep NFT by pushing the boundaries of what the brand can do, inspiring a community of like-minded individuals to take a stand amidst government pushback.

The recent reveal of the FJB NFT focuses on limited collectibles that embody the controversial statement. As the project comes into full swing, Sean and Greg have cited their full support for the movement, even selling FJB swag merchandise before the subsequent launch of their new NFT collection. With collector’s items focused on the FJB discourse, Lions Not Sheep has truly become bigger than any other NFT project ever released in the market, being the first-ever collection to join the political discussion. 

The initial Lions Not Sheep collection features digital art pieces and avatars of lions dressed in All-American apparel. Rugged attire, guns, flags, and all sorts of Americana are plastered all across each avatar, championing the rights of the American people to take a stand and lead the charge towards true liberty. Each mint features a character of its own, with each permutation expressing the brand’s bold message to the audience. 

Before it transitioned to Web3 and blockchain, Lions Not Sheep started out as a grassroots tee shirt brand in 2014. The company’s humble beginnings began as Sean Whalen paraded a shirt that dared to challenge people to wake up and stop blindly following what the news and media channels were saying. Since that fateful day, the brand has scaled tremendously well due to the strong support of its community and Whalen’s firebrand leadership.

Currently, Lions Not Sheep has become a leading brand in the NFT market. This time, they are pioneering yet another massive movement in Web3, transitioning the FJB brand to the metaverse through a limited release of NFT collectibles. The project is also co-founded by Greg W Anderson, known to many as “the Architect.”

Anderson is an expert in business systems and platforms, helping over ninety businesses restructure for faster and more streamlined growth. He joins Whalen on their mission to stand up to the government by eliciting true American patriotism rather than blind obedience. 

Whalen and Anderson also hope to bring their brand to the global stage, transitioning their currently existing Lions Not Sheep avatars to Web3 technology to connect with like-minded individuals worldwide. The road may be plagued with many challenges, but a true Alpha community never backs down without a fight. Ultimately, Lions Not Sheep is unlike any other brand, challenging the status quo to regain the freedom Americans seem to have lost.

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