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Love, Death + Robots Takes Its Tech Themes to the Next Level with Its NFT Collection

Love, Death + Robots joins the NFT space with Volume 3 artworks

Netflix is known for producing great shows like Daredevil, Stranger Things, and Love, Death + Robots. The latter two recently released their latest seasons, making waves on social media. However, while Stranger Things has been thriving on the streaming service, Love, Death + Robots is preparing to make new successes with a venture into the NFT space.

Love, Death + Robots is launching a physical and digital NFT scavenger hunt, which will be executed through a partnership with Web3 studio. Fans of the show and NFT enthusiasts will have to look for nine QR codes tied to NFTs hidden across social media, physical billboards, and even in the show (giving them more reasons to repeat the amazing anthology).

The Love, Death + Robots NFT can be obtained by scanning the QR code to either mint the art as an NFT or right-click to save it. Unfortunately, for now, only fans in the United States can either mint them through a MetaMask wallet or Coinbase account, wherein they will have to pay an Ethereum gas fee.

The NFT collection will be cheap to mint. According to the official website, the tokens will be a visually stunning collection of art representing the show’s unique collective of visual perspectives and creative storytelling from Volume 3. Each Love, Death + Robots NFT will be sold at a small fee of 0.0022 ETH or $3.79, making it an exciting prospect for fans who don’t want to invest too big.

It is also reported that the money from the NFT sales will not be going to Netflix or the producers of Love, Death + Robots.

Love, Death + Robots is not the only show to add NFT elements to their shows; there has been a slow revolution with numerous TV shows collaborating with NFT companies. The introduction of NFTV, the Web3 TV network, is a testimony to the new movement. In the same way that Web2 changed the world, Web3 is doing the same thing, with recognition from TV.

Although NFTs have been on everyone’s newsfeed online, the industry is yet to appeal to children on a large scale. However, with Web3 shows, the use of animation and the introduction of NFT characters are guaranteed to change things.

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