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Meta Bounty Huntresses Is Set to Take Over the Web3 Space Like It’s Predecessor Did

With all the various innovations already existing in the industry, the Web3 space is saturated with everything it needs to continue to be a vibrant arena for possibilities and dreams in the digital world. After the breakthrough success of Meta Labs Agency’s Meta Bounty Hunters NFT Project, which sold out all 8,888 NFTs in less than one month—an impossible feat for most NFTs—they’re launching a new one, not even a year after. Meta Labs Agency is proud to announce their newest project, Meta Bounty Huntresses NFT, the fierce female counterpart to their original project.

The female bounty hunter digital tokens will be depicted in a captivating storyline, gorgeous artwork, and riveting designs. The Meta Bounty Huntresses NFT comprises 8,888 tokens, each having about 598 distinctive characteristics. Each trait will be allocated among 19 unique categories with varying rarity.

The master tasked with creating the art for this massive undertaking is Mike Miller, who has created interesting characters with infinite unique permutations. Miller is known for his work on DC’s Injustice: Gods Among Us, Game of Thrones prequels and covers, Adventures of Superman, and his own project Lonestar. As a writer, he is known for his book, Deal with the Devil, which was optioned by Lionsgate and is currently being developed by Broken Road Productions.

Congruent with their corporate mission to make the world a better place through their projects, Meta Labs Agency has decided to utilize the mint revenue to give back to their holders by putting 80% of it in their proprietary Defi Reflections protocol—the first and only in the industry.

The agency’s last project, Meta Bounty Hunters, proved to be a hit in the Web3 space. In addition, MLA has rewarded its holders with over $20 million in FREE airdropped Reflection Rewards, which had never been done before.

All 8,888 of the NFTs in the collection were sold out in less than a month after it launched. Even more amazingly, the holders of the NFTs were able to recoup the original purchase price of the token in less than six months.

There’s no doubt that the past few months have been less than ideal for NFTs, due to the bear market. But what Meta Bounty Hunters have been able to do was nothing short of miraculous: since their launch, MLA has been able to 4x its floor price and maintain it at that level even with the odds stacked against them.

The creators are anticipating the same outcome this time around, with the launch of their new NFT project. Phases 1 and 2 of the Whitelist mint for Meta Bounty Huntresses NFT will start on October 15, and the public mint is scheduled on October 16.

“The Meta Bounty Huntresses represent a tribe of the most fearless warriors in the galaxy who have mastered the art of war but choose peace, prosperity and the enlightenment of their people and the worlds they come in contact with. Doing good, thriving in their endeavors and mastering their crafts. Do you have what it takes to answer the Meta Bounty Huntress call?” the creators said.

Learn more about the Meta Bounty Huntresses NFT by visiting the official website.


10/18- The launch of the Meta Bounty Huntresses project was a smashing success, over the weekend. The project was able to generate $3.8M in their first minute of launch and $10.7M within their first 5 minutes of launch. These staggering numbers in a down market, is a testament to their utility and community. There are currently less than 500 left in the entire collection of 8,888 Meta Bounty Huntresses and may already be sold out, at the time of reading. Clearly with numbers like that, we will likely be hearing Meta Bounty Huntresses and Meta Labs Agency’s names more often.

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