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MetaVolution Enters Ethereum Blockchain, Presents On-Chain Play-to-Earn Game for Holders

Play-to-earn games have successfully penetrated the metaverse, attracting players across the globe due to their efficient income-generating schemes. Aiming to provide players, investors, and holders with more value for their money, MetaVolution enters the scene. Besides its play-to-earn game, MetaVolution also presents one of the most highly-anticipated NFT collections in the field today. 

MetaVolution NFT boasts high-quality 3D art with unique, distinctive details and perfectly-balanced style. It creates a new combination between reality and cartoon elements, creating surrealistic assets that collectors would truly want to have. All the NFTs in the collection are also created to be original in their own ways, making themselves completely distinguishable from the rest. There will be a total of 8,778 MetaVolution NFTs. The art is varied between a collection of 11 one-of-one, or the 100% rare and unique characters, while the rest of the 8,778 is generated with different high-quality elements. 

“Our art is simply unique,” said the creators. “The balance of the semi-realistic and cartooned elements on that quality level is unparalleled. Our art also fits our unique lore perfectly, a world where survivors of a terrible pandemic had no choice but to use a portal and a second dimension, another metaverse, to have a chance of survival. Before they could go through the portal, they had to subdue their body to cybernetic transformations and mutations that transformed them into unique, extraordinary beings. Since the story happens in the future, there are also sci-fi elements that are being added to the art to make it,” they added. 

In addition, MetaVolution features an equal share of male and female characters to give holders the opportunity to truly connect with a character that will represent them in the metaverse. “We’ve put a lot of thought and work into making the art inclusive and relatable by having a 50/50 mix between men and women,” shared the creators. “Each of the different characters in our play-to-earn on-chain game has a story attached to it. The immortals went through the Ark portal and suffered body modifications that they now have to live with,” they shared further.

The creators post updates on Twitter and Instagram and are targeting investors and collectors who want to be involved in a long-term play-to-earn project. MetaVolution aims to take its community to a new era in the metaverse where each one could participate in the creation of a fantasy world. MetaVolution’s play-to-earn game is also conceptualized to satisfy gamers who enjoy RPG games and are committed to investing countless hours into their grind, doing whatever it takes to reach the goal.

Furthermore, MetaVolution is made for those who are looking for the excitement of completing quests to loot rewards progressively as they progress through the game’s ecosystem. “We want to bring back the World of Warcraft type of loot experience after you finish a boss, but progressively, and without having to be online and locked in the gameplay for five hours straight before being able to achieve it,” the creators explained. 

On minting day, the creators will be introducing a staking mechanism so that MetaVolution holders can start accumulating $TROPY right away. Staked players will gain Metropy or Trophy ($TROPY), the game’s official currency holders can use to mint for future drops. Additionally, $TROPY can be withdrawn from the game at any time, giving players a stable source of income through the metaverse. 

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