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Revolutionizing the Blockchain Space: Mo Kumarsi, CEO of REV3AL, Leads the Charge towards Secure and Simplified Transactions

Mo Kumarsi

Mo Kumarsi is a Co-Founder and CEO of REV3AL and a trusted advisor in the blockchain and crypto space. With over 15 years of experience in start-up and business development, Mo has advised many  disruptive technological innovators. Over the past decade, he has managed and led massive teams globally, becoming a thought leader and educator in the space.

Mo’s unique background and combination of experience align with REV3AL’s goal of building a marketplace for simplified and secure transactions, promoting the mass adoption of blockchain technology. His journey started as an immigrant from Iran, working as a dishwasher and selling cars, and through hard work, he has created and run multiple successful  businesses in various industries.

“Excellence and giving your best has always been my priority,” he said.

Mo is also a spiritual man who leads a group of young men in his community and is passionate about giving back through volunteer work and his church. In addition, he is a gifted salesperson, and his expertise in the crypto industry has helped many people change their lives and finances. He is known as the “blockchain evangelist” and has advised over two dozen companies in the crypto space, helping them to scale, market, and find strategic partners.

Mo’s dedication to excellence and giving his best have been the driving force behind his success. He has faced challenges in dealing with different people and companies and, at times, neglecting his health. However, he has overcome these challenges by focusing on his health and spirituality, which has given him inspiration and innovation.

His advice to those starting their careers is to think big and believe that anything is possible. “I will say, anything you’re looking for is possible; you just have to make it happen. And if your desire is righteous, you go after it, and it’s done,” he said. “I attribute a lot of my success to spirituality. It has given me a lot of innovation and inspiration. And I believe, if I would have got in touch with my spirituality, my soul, my development, early on, I would have done a lot better sooner,” he added.

More than ready to take on the industry with REV3AL, Mo continues to grow his company day by day, with a strong team of experts and more than 100 partners ranging from NFT marketplaces and metaverses to artists and creators developing revolutionary technology set to disrupt the web3 security and protection space. “There are currently very few people building security into web3, and we are working to be the Norton 360 of web3,” Mo shared. 

Among its many projects, REV3AL is currently integrating custom avatar creation portals into its partners’ platforms. It also recently acquired an e-sports racing team, which can help further brand recognition and marketing for the company. 


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