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Modernist NFT redefines art and member experiences, taking the space to a new level

With their eye-catching designs and highly creative aesthetic, non-fungible tokens have revolutionized the art scene in ways no one could have imagined. Not only did these digital assets shift people’s perspectives about art, but they have also redefined what it means to be creative and artistic. Every now and then, NFT ventures would emerge, challenging other developers and creators to come up with projects that would bring something new to the industry. One of those that are taking both the art and crypto spaces by storm is Modernist NFT, a trailblazing collection known for being the first one to combine pop art, music, and play. 

Since the NFT industry is already saturated with thousands of existing ventures, the brilliant team behind the Modernist NFT collection made sure to incorporate features that would make their project stand out. Aside from being on a whole other level of aesthetics, the collection is also deemed to be digitally interchangeable, limited in number, and armed with uniquely inventive characteristics. In this way, it can capture the attention of collectors and drive secondary trading, increasing its original asset value.

Currently, the digital NFT Modernist image depicts an androgynous figure. With this distinctive art style, the collection distinguishes itself from other NFT tokens illustrated with cartoon characters and animal hybrids. Widely acknowledged for its sophisticated look, the Modernist icon is a complex and neutral-identity approach to the human face that exudes some pop art flair. 

Solvv Inc., led by Kelly Max, and co-creators Tyler Clinton, Samy Halim, and David Minor, spearheaded the creation and development of the Modernist NFT collection. According to them, a single NFT Modernist image can be split into four, which can individually be gamified. 

To further elevate the experience of holders or purchasers and to set a new standard, the developers of the Modernist NFT collection also created sonic logos or sounds tied to the images and individual. This revolutionary feature is designed to spark the holder’s creativity when mixed and matched, and  when their piece is displayed at events, at home, or in galleries. 

By integrating game mechanics into non-game environments, the team is increasing participation and promoting interaction among the members of the community. This feature also allows Modernist the opportunity to collect new constellations and create new connections that unlock the benefits of an attractive reward bank. 

Since one NFT Modernist image can be divided into four segments in phase two via Modernist unique invention canned SplitMinting, each piece from the whole can be interchanged, traded, or sold, depending on what the buyer wants to do with it. On its launch day, Modernist is priced at $500.00 for the first piece of the framed image. Although most people consider the price being on the lower end of the spectrum, this also gives the collection an accessible entry point. 

In addition to providing great value for its potential buyers, the Modernist NFT collection also takes pride in upholding a great sense of social responsibility. It aims to grant community members the chance to buy into the SOLVV community financially, emotionally, and aesthetically. This would increase the value of the collection’s original Modernist investment through high engagement in the Modernist Collection Playbook. In this Playbook, each of the tiles, consisting of the four sections that make up the NFT Modernist Image, can be interchanged with others.

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