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NFT Project Become Legendary Creating a Strong Network of Business-Savvy Individuals

At face value, Become Legendary readily makes itself a cut above the rest of the NFT collections online. The project represents a massive collection of 11,999 unique NFT mints categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements. Become Legendary NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on an interplanetary file system or IPFS.

The pillars of the Become Legendary system are education, networking, digital incubator, and passive income. They have a Legendary Mobile App for Online Video Business Education with new classes and courses every four to six weeks. In addition, they do three to four major events per year to reinforce collaboration in their community. Their first event is set in June in Dubai, while the second is during the first week of October in South Africa. 

IPFS is a system used for file sharing that can also be used as a better opportunity to store and share large files more efficiently. It allows a file distribution system that makes the web quicker, more secure, and more open to users. “Our mission is to unite Tomorrow’s Legends from all around the world by connecting, learning, growing, and giving back with one another,” say s the founders of this legendary NFT. 

One of their unique features is their business community. That is where holders can use the coin to purchase digital services such as websites and others from other participants. Another exciting feature is the digital incubator, where holders have the opportunity to pitch their projects. 10% of the royalties are going to our incubator fund, and holders will get the opportunity and invest with the founding team together in new upcoming exciting projects. With this opportunity, members can build a portfolio in the new digital world. Members can get together on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram.

This unique NFT can also be a passive income for its holders. They can use the coin to purchase other digital services such as websites and convert them into tokens, leading to a higher passive income. They can also get exchanged for FIAT currencies in an exchange. Acquiring a Legend Token allows holders to have passive income by holding this token. Tokens will be airdropped to the community, and the amount will depend on the rank.

By purchasing a collectible Become Legendary NFT, enthusiasts will gain lifetime access to international holder events. Their community prides itself on mastermind business people and entrepreneurs from various fields and industries. However, the people in the community are their greatest asset. “Your network is your net worth,” says one of the founders. 

As their digital community grows, they are looking at attracting younger generations. They have an interest in metaverse or business in general or online marketing. Enthusiasts of crypto in general.  “We want to invite people who are self-made, desire to become successful, make money while having an international focus,” says one of the core members. 

Besides unique designs that stand out from all the rest, they offer value focused on business content. It hopes to disrupt the current metaverse landscape by staying ahead of the innovation curve and launching projects that challenge the status quo in decentralized projects and finance.

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