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NFT Welcomes Hyundai’s Second NFT Collection: the IONIQ 6 NFT Collection

South Korean car giants develop a second NFT collection: the IONIQ 6 NFT Collection

On July 14, Hyundai unveiled the IONIQ 6 NFT collection – the second NFT collection developed by the South Korean auto giant.

However, the IONIQ 6 was developed to create new experiences and values ​​for Millennials and Gen Z.

Four days later, Hyundai revealed a detailed roadmap for its IONIQ citizenship. However, which serves as a utility package for NFT owners.

IONIQ Citizenship

IONIQ Citizenship is an NFT subscription program that provides NFT owners with exclusive experiences and tools.

It aims to expand the range of customer experiences. However, the IONIQ series offers in the digital space without physical limitations.

NFT owners also have exclusive access to digital spaces. Therefore, unique digital content and exclusive merchandise related to IONIQ 6, with some utilities varying by rarity.

Planet Hyundai

The experiences of IONIQ 6 are expand with multiple collaborations. Starting with free virtual fashion items and VIP access to Planet Hyundai.

Planet Hyundai is the company’s virtual space inaugurated on July 14 in collaboration with Naver Z.

It was launched on the global Metaverse ZEPETO platform.

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Owners can redeem a gift card for a custom physical phone case from NFTYC or NFT Your Case. Therefore, the world’s leading manufacturer of NFT phone cases and part of the global technology accessory brand CASETiFY.

Hyundai will gradually offer an interactive virtual space for the exclusive IONIQ Digital Garage event.

The IONIQ 6 NFT Collection

Hyundai’s second NFT collection reflects personalized customer experiences complemented by a flexible interior.

Additionally, the company launched 5,000 IONIQ 6 NFTs with six different themes. Fun Driving, Stress-Free Driving, Work, Socializing, Healing, and Entertainment.

NFTs feature unique artwork created in a generative format that randomly combines different backgrounds, objects, and exterior colors, creating tens of thousands of unique combinations.

The backgrounds represent the collection’s conscious interior, inspired by the newly implemented Dual Color Ambient Lighting.

In addition, four exclusive NFT colors from the collection underline the futuristic design of the IONIQ identity.

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NFT Distribution

Hyundai Motor distributed the NFTs to owners by taking the most unexpected route – giving them away for free.

They decided to make NFTs free to lower the barrier to entry so that more people could participate in this unique experience.

Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President, General Manager of Global Marketing and Head of Customer Experience Division at Hyundai, said:

“Hyundai Motor has continuously explored new methods to connect and involve our customers.

The IONIQ 6 NFT Collection is a meaningful endeavor to expand the boundary of NFTs from simple investment and possession to experiences and storytelling.

We hope to increase the connection with customers and interact in a more innovative way, based on the unique value of the IONIQ lineup.

We will continue to provide ‘phygital (physical + digital)’ experiences that merge the real world and the digital world for the new generation of customers who are more accustomed to digital technology.”

Future updates

The South Korean auto giant will communicate with owners about the innovative experiences of the IONIQ lineup through an NFT newsletter titled IONIQ Capsule, which will strengthen ties within the NFT community in August.

Inspired by the different capsule collections of fashion brands, Capsule IONIQ will tell stories about the NFT collection in an experimental format.


Let’s get ‘phygital’: Hyundai Motor adapts IONIQ 6’s electrified experience to digital space with NFT collection

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