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Non Fungible Solutions Set to Become the One-Stop Shop Extension for NFT Users on Google Chrome

Before it was given the spotlight, Non-Fungible Tokens were easy to keep track of, but their sudden popularity in early 2021 opened the door to thousands of new NFT projects. With so many projects emerging daily, it has been difficult for enthusiasts to keep track of the latest NFT in the market. This is why a team of NFT enthusiasts decided to come together and create a one-stop shop for new and seasoned NFT lovers, giving birth to Non Fungible Solutions.

Non Fungible Solutions is an NFT collection and extension that can be installed on Google Chrome, giving members access to features and tools along their NFT journey. Like most extensions, Non Fungible Solutions can be installed to change the browser’s functionality, focusing on NFTs to provide more convenience to users.

The project has a collection of 2,500 NFTs sold at 0.39 ETH. The tokens give holders lifetime access to the project’s unique features and future products. The pre-sale, announced on the project’s official Discord channel, is set to launch on February 24, with the public minting to follow the day after.

Non Fungible Solutions is set to become the most powerful Chrome extension as no other project has created features that have never been seen. “We help shoppers catch rare deals, skip all buying steps, smart portfolio tracking, detect new drops, learn about the space, and more,” said the project developers.

The extension will feature an NFT Sniper feature that allows users to filter the price, traits, and rarity so they can catch the rarest snipers for the best prices. The team also modified the OpenSea website (now dubbed OpenSea+), adding helpful features that allow users to profit more quickly. OpenSea users will also find a Portfolio tracking system that takes the basic floor price and considers the lowest price for its rarest trait. The extension will also set custom gas presets before an NFT drop, removing unexpected gas issues in the process.

Non Fungible Solutions also has a rarity ranking on OpenSea+, allowing users to check the rarity without going to other sites. They also get to skip the extra steps, buying directly from the product catalog for users who are eager to get their snipes on. Additionally, Non Fungible Solutions has a drop detector that monitors any NFT sites, notifying users when a drop occurs. The monitor includes social accounts, mint alerts, whale buys, and more.

The project, set to launch within a few days, already has plenty to offer within the first quarter of 2022 with add-ons like Contract Minter and OpenSea+ features. They will also be launching an iPhone companion app with multi-blockchain support and adding features based on most of the users’ requests in the second quarter. The list will continue to be updated within their Discord channel.

“We are always looking for ways to get our users exclusive access to other projects in the NFT world,” said the Non Fungible Solutions team. “Whether it’s a whitelist spot or a free month on an Alpha Group, we always have something extra in store for members every month.”

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