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One-of-a-Kind NFT Project Boba Inu Sugar Club Combines Exquisite Art with Impressive Utility

In essence, non-fungible tokens are an excellent medium that helps bring to life any concept. Utilizing this blank canvas to its best potential, a dynamic team of creators developed a one-of-a-kind NFT project that brings together the best of two worlds – Boba Inu Sugar Club.

The collection has a supply of 8,000 incredible NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain that are randomly generated from a selection of over 180 traits with different rarities. The project’s artwork combines the NFT space staple Shiba Inu and the famous sweet drink from East Asia, Boba Tea or Bubble Tea.

The developers added, “As the developers proudly shared, “Each NFT comes with a different combination of boba pearls, accessories, backgrounds, and Chinese characters, each with their own unique probability of occurrence. Some of our traits also draw inspiration from pop culture and Japanese anime.”

These impeccable designs will certainly capture the attention of NFT collectors, especially those who are into digital art, pop culture, and anime. They can also aim to mint one of the eight unique LEGENDARY Boba Inus in the whole collection. In addition, those NFTs with sufficient rarity will be eligible for personal merch on the venture’s upcoming e-commerce platform.

When asked what motivated them to create a highly distinct collection, they insightfully responded, “We believe that much of the value of NFT art lies within originality. With the abundance of mock projects in the current NFT space like apes, doodles, and invisible objects, we decided to stick to our own style and create something new and original out of things we love. We like dogs. We like Bubble Tea. So we combined them together to create a cute and refreshing experience for our followers.”

But aside from its exquisite artwork, what helps the Boba Inu Sugar Club stand out is its stellar utility. According to its roadmap, certain features and rewards can be unlocked depending on the number of NFTs minted by the community. 

For example, when 2,000 tokens are minted, there will be a raffle draw where five whitelist members can win GENIUS Boba Inus. For its 4,000 mint mark, five token holders will get a chance to win 1 ETH each.

Not only that but an online merch shop and personal brand program will be released. This revenue-earning feature allows GENIUS and LEGENDARY holders to gain shared profits from sales.

But a significant feature that the community is looking forward to the most is the venture’s decision to acquire land. When all 8,000 tokens are minted, the developers will be pushing through with this plan. As they shared on the roadmap, “Timely execution of Sandbox or Decentraland land purchase, as well as the finalization of our development timeline, will be completed. We will initiate the second phase of collabs with media and influencers to escalate BISCverse recognition.”

The Boba Inu Sugar Club is undoubtedly one of the most promising NFT projects in the space. The official launch date for the up-and-coming project has not been finalized yet, but the team plans to do it around mid-April. The whitelist is still open, and interested parties can check their eligibility to mint the tokens before the sale date.

In the meantime, the Boba Inu Sugar Club keeps its community updated through Twitter, Instagram, and Discord

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