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Paper Boyz NFT Powered by Brings a Nostalgic Art Style to the Metaverse With JetSetFly 

Paper Boyz NFT
The unprecedented rise of NFTs has brought about a tremendous amount of buzz within the tech, finance, and art industry. By utilizing the power of blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens have bridged the gap between modern art, technology, and finance. This has given rise to many enthusiasts who are adamant about staking their claim in the industry, connecting with like-minded individuals and reaping the rewards. Paper Boyz NFT is a fresh and innovative NFT project positioned to dominate the market. 

The project is backed by season NFT experts who have dedicated much of their time and effort to the success of the metaverse. As most people sit idly by and watch the opportunities slip away, the founder and developer of Paper Boyz, Josh King Madrid, aka JetSetFly, decided to take matters into his own hands and create a revolutionary project that provides immense value while bringing a hint of nostalgia along with it.

JetSetFly isn’t alone in this endeavor. He is join by a team of other NFT experts on a mission to make Paper Boyz the best it can be, including his brother, TheBlondeJon, who is also the co-founder of In addition, Edgar Vehbiu joins the team to provide his artistic prowess to the Paper Boyz NFT. Vehbiu is know for being the creative mind behind Angry Birds and FIFA Mobile. Making him a force to be reckon with in the industry.

Paper Boyz is a community-oriented project that considers all its holders’ interests. It has risen to the top of the most anticipated NFT projects out there, gravitating towards newbies, experts, and degens. Each Paper Boyz NFT boasts a wide variety of perks and rewards for its holder. These incentives include lifetime access to everyone who joins its premium Discord community, allowing them to stay up-to-date on the latest news and potential opportunities within the NFT world.

Furthermore, the Discord channel is also an avenue for newbies and intermediate enthusiasts to learn the ropes of the NFT industry through expert-led courses, software bots, and more. Prospective holders will also gain access to the largest invite-only NFT Conference in the world. The NFTMag Con 2022, which will be happen in Miami this October.

The esteem event is pois to have over 4,000 attendees from around the world. With over 40 speakers ranging from NFT founders, high-level entrepreneurs, marketers, investors. Also sales trainers to top motivational speakers. Tickets for this conference are value at $2,450, but holders of the Paper Boyz NFT will get them for free.

Paper Boyz NFT has it all. Aside from the gorgeous nostalgic art style, bringing back the glory of the golden days of animation, the tokens also serve as a gateway towards an improved quality of life. Each NFT also comes with a digital magazine art by called “Extra-Extra!”Each piece is value at 3 to 4 ETH to be sold in the months or years to come. The Paper Boyz will be release on July 1, 2022. With an extensive pre-mint community, early adopters will be greatly reward as the limit stock only consists of 3,650 NFTs.

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