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Prime Ape Planet Becomes the Rage on the NFT Space

Prime Ape Planet sells out in record time

When non-fungible tokens started taking over on the digital space, no mascot has been as influential as the ape with the Bored Ape Yacht Club becoming the most popular of the bunch. However, The Prime Ape Planet collection has quickly climbed the ranks to become a dominant force on the NFT space.

Since NFTs started taking over the internet, the most typical style that most projects go with are cartoons, but there has been a shift in the wind as 3D rendered art pieces started making waves. The Prime Ape Planet collection has been a leader in the new movement, producing record-breaking sales and trade volumes.

The Prime Ape Planet project focuses on creating a community-inclusive feel with features and future roll-outs planned to move in that direction. However, the highlight of the ecosystem is its flamboyant collection of NFTs and the creative individuals behind its designs.

The collection comprises three categories – the Prime Kongs, the Prime Apes, and the Infected Apes. Each NFT is designed by leading artists who have contributed a great amount to the art world. The NFTs in the collection also make a unique imprint, from the facial expressions, costumes, and aesthetics. 

The Prime Kong NFT is the highest-value proposition in the collection, and it offers a range of designs hand-drawn and curated by artist Kurtis Daw. Its sales lasted only two minutes, generating a trade volume of over 4,900 ETH.

The Prime Ape NFT gives the impression of being the most basic in the collection, but each Ape comes with significant adaptive powers that can generate another collection segment of NFT. Designed by Travis Smith and Chris Hogstead, the Prime Ape NFT sold out within 38 minutes.

The Infected Ape NFT allows users to customize their Prime Ape NFT by combining them with poisoned bananas to give them a new look and unique dimension. 

While holding any of the Prime Ape NFT is an experience in itself, holders will soon have platforms that can allow them to stake their NFTs and earn the native token of the project, which is set to be released in the coming days.

The Prime Ape Planet’s launch culminated in insane numbers, selling out in minutes at high trade volumes.The overwhelming support from the community has been a huge factor in the project’s slow transition to becoming a community-inclusive project that allows members to stake their NFTs to earn tokens and rewards.

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