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Public Presale of the Paradox Coin $PARA to Happen on the Enjinstarter Ecosystem on November 13

Paradox Metaverse

The next few days will be exciting for the Paradox community as its coin, known as $PARA, will be available for public presale on Enjinstarter, a top-tier launchpad, this coming November 13. This upcoming event is considered a huge win for Paradox, especially because the Enjinstarter ecosystem is one of the most reliable crowdfunding platforms when it comes to Web3 development. Its robust ecosystem empowers any non-fungible token (NFT) community to create effective blockchain and digital asset strategies. 

Enjinstarter helps a group of select communities succeed in the metaverse by using its core values as a framework. It promotes innovation through its advisory and consultancy arm, which helps with Web3 transitioning and boarding strategies. The ecosystem also supports a community-first approach, which devolves certain powers to members of the community. Enjinstarter, as a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform for early crypto projects, also believes in the power of multichain sources. Lastly, it is an inclusive ecosystem that focuses on next-generation Web3 projects possessing Web2 business models that can be introduced to the metaverse and beyond. 

In contrast, the unique Paradox ecosystem will eventually be able to offer the same features that Enjinstarter is currently giving its clients and partners. At present, the Enjinstarter ecosystem offers valuable services to ensure the success of its clients. These include Web3 advisory, fundraising, tokenomics, white paper development, community management, technical development, partnerships, and even events. 

Enjinstarter has an impressive portfolio of successful Web3 clients, including Alterverse, Defina, Geojam, Crypcade, Animal Concerts, PathDAO, The Killbox, CALO Metaverse, and Health Hero, to mention a few. To say that Paradox is in good hands is an understatement. If anything, Paradox could not have chosen a better partner in its metaverse journey. To guarantee the success of its clients, Enjinstarter is made up of some of the most progressive minds in the blockchain world today. Co-founders and CEOs Prakash Somosundram and Alvin Tang are undeniably very passionate about what they do for clients who rely on their company’s study ecosystem. 

Paradox gets to enjoy the world-class business and Web3 expertise of the Enjinstarter team working alongside its CEOs. Shitij Gupta is CFO, Joseph Khan is Chief Operations Officer, Chris Basil handles social media, Rishi Randhawa is Head of Web3 Innovation, Wesley Kuek is Legal and Compliance Counsel, Josiah Goh and Tim Loh are Directors of Engineering, Elizabeth Tan is US Market Launcher, Lewis Tay is in charge of projects delivering, Saniah Aljunied is Senior Web3 Innovation Manager, Cheyenne Tan is Web3 Innovation Manager, and Kenji is Indonesia Market Launcher.

The Paradox team can be described as ecstatic to be having its public presale on Enjinstarter in the next few days after several challenges. “Paradox went through many challenges in order to achieve where it is today, creating a game and metaverse from scratch into a Triple AAA graphic game built on unreal engine 5 and enabling $PARA to be the internal currency within the game came with many hurdles which we overcame,” the management team explained. 

The $PARA coin can be used by members to participate in ParaPAD launching listings. Additionally, event users can use $PARA to purchase tickets so they can attend live events in the real world and in-game. 

Interested investors are encouraged to monitor updates leading to the launch on Enjinstarter this coming November 14, 2022.

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