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Renowned Brand Lions Not Sheep Unveils Its Plans for an Upcoming NFT Project 

In a world where our freedoms are infringed upon, one brand stands above the oppression and sings the undying song of freedom, Lions Not Sheep. Co-founded by Sean Whalen and Greg W Anderson, Lions Not Sheep are releasing an NFT that stands for the unwavering brand that has stood the test of time and has shown the world that our individual liberties are something truly worth fighting for. 

Lions Not Sheep was initially established as a grassroots brand in 2014. It all began with a single tee shirt printed by one of its founders Sean Whalen. He wore the shirt and paraded it to wake people up to the fact that it was time to stop blindly following the news and media channels. In a matter of days, he received a flood of requests asking him where they could purchase the shirt.

Eventually, it became a bustling business where Sean’s mother and kids would help him print, package, and ship the shirts straight from his home. When the global pandemic hit, Sean Whalen moved production from his home to a warehouse with half a dozen employees. Since that moment, Lions Not Sheep spread like wildfire.

On the other hand, Greg W Anderson is also known as “the Architect” for restructuring several businesses building over 92 company’s systems or platforms. Joining Sean in this journey as CTO of Lions Not Sheep, they more than doubled the size of Lion’s Den through engineering better systems.

Back in 2016, people started asking Sean Whalen if he would coach them in their business and personal lives. Thus, the Lion’s Den was born, his own private coaching and networking group. Currently, the Lion’s Den has 3,000 members with a monthly membership fee of $297. The Den has become a premium networking and personal growth group for both men and women. The exclusive group only opens its doors to new members a few times per year.

Fast forward to April 2022, Lions Not Sheep has officially sent out their 200,000th order. That’s roughly 700,000 pieces of branded apparel in the hands of raving fans. This time around, the firebrand entrepreneur hopes to dominate the digital realm by releasing their very own NFT project of the same name.

Lions Not Sheep NFT is poised to conquer the NFT market. The brand is on a relentless mission to bring its community of like-minded individuals to an elevated status, and founders Sean and Greg will stop at nothing to see it through. As some of us might know, entering the metaverse industry today is akin to entering the Internet game back in the ‘90s. 

“Those that lead the NFT space today will help craft what our children and grandchildren are exposed to over the next 20-plus years. We refuse to leave our future up to chance, or even worse, allow big tech to have the only voice,” shared the Lions Not Sheep founders. Built on the core premise that a free community is able to accomplish something special in this world, Sean Whalen explained that “right now, it’s urgent and we need to band together, more than ever.”

With an already successful brand in Lions Not Sheep, founders with a long-term vision, a built-in community, and lots of love and support from their friends, the budding NFT project is headed down the right path. “We’ve been able to skip the wildly expensive marketing campaigns, which normally eat up massive chunks of the mint revenue. This allows us to focus on utility and giving value back to the community,” explained Sean and Greg.

The project is poised to bring massive utility to its prospective holders, with a list of core utilities outlined in the project roadmap. One promising utility that the founders have highlighted is “The Freeman Worlds Fair,” an in-person and metaverse live-streamed event that will become the pinnacle event promoting all things freedom-based. “Simply put, if you combine a  music festival, a gun show, a boat, a car, and a motorcycle show, with the best companies, amazing speakers, and Freedom all wrapped up into a 2-day event, you would have an idea of what the Fair is all about,” explained the passionate founders.

This huge event is guaranteed to attract a large and equally passionate community who will shape how the project will become in the immediate future. The Lions Not Sheep brand has grown massively over the years, and this event is a culmination and a celebration of all the success it has amassed in the name of freedom. Prospective holders of Lions Not Sheep NFT will gain exclusive access to the event with their NFT serving as an entrance ticket for the next three years. 

Freeman Worlds Fair is an ode to everything that’s good and holy within sovereign American soil. It is the ultimate celebration of the thriving NFT community that will be built around the Lions Not Sheep brand. The event is poised to be much like Veecon, but Sean Whalen style. The Lions Not Sheep train has already left, but if you’re fast enough, you just might be able to catch up on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.