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Saitama Crypto Gains a Lot Of Support From Twitter As #BinanceListSaitama Trends, Petition Gathering 12,000 Signatures

Source: Yahoo

The Saitama wolfpack has taken over Twitter today with their #BinanceListSaitama campaign. They are gaining more than 12,000 users who support listing the token on the world’s largest crypto exchange.

Presently, a petition has been going around on, demanding that Binance list the Saitama crypto. Saitama currently has over 300,000 holders, which the petition cites as one of the pieces of evidence. 

The crypto community has such a robust population, and it is logical that the petition is attracting attention. Since its inception, over 12,000 people have signed on, and the official Saitama account retweeted a message persuading everybody else to sign too.


Just over a day old and #BinanceListSaitama has amassed 10,000 signatures!

The #saitamawolfpack‌‌‌‌ has spoken! @binance @cz_binance are you listening?

Let’s get to 50,000!

Remember to keep sharing!@InuSaitama #Saitama

Sign here:,” tweeted Saitama Informer.

As it is becoming clear that the crypto market is on an upward trajectory and will be gaining momentum over time, Saitama has seen huge gains as of the moment. This week alone, the coined gained nearly 55% – reaching over $3 billion capitalizations. 

One of the biggest forces behind Saitama’s economy is their smart wallet, SaitaMask. Described as a tool to “educate the next generation of investors and make financial well-being accessible to all,” SaitaMask is created as a one-stop shop for crypto enthusiasts, where they can learn and invest. 

In addition, SaitaMask has recently handed in an audit overseen by CertiK. This should aid in increasing investor interest in crypto. 

“The certification proves that Saitama’s blockchain technology is hacker resistant and free of major or critical bugs, giving even greater confidence to larger exchanges, existing coin holders and potential new purchases added confidence in Saitama and its continued growth,” says Russell Armand, COO at Saitama. 

Saitama being less affected than other crypto-coins in a downturn that has seen many coins drop by double digits shows how strong its hype is.

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