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Samsung Reveals Three New TVs With NFT Trading Proficiency

2022 sees a new release from Samsung Electronics as Samsung announced on Monday, January 3rd, that three TV models are to be released on their website

Samsung Electronics revealed the MICRO LED, Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs before the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, featuring an “intuitive, integrated platform for discovering, purchasing and trading digital artwork” through the three models.  

In a move to take advantage of the explosive popularity NFTs have been enjoying this year, Samsung has revealed the three new TV models that are capable of trading.

The company is advertising their new product as being much better than ever before. They have made advances in picture and sound quality, multiple screen size options for viewers to choose from with an improved interface. 

The electronic giant has set its eyes on the future of trading and wants to be at the forefront. It’s not just TVs anymore.

Aside from the NFT trading capability, these TVs will have qualities such as Gaming Hub, Watch Together, and Smart Calibration. 

Samsung also revealed its new soundbar lineup, which includes higher-quality speakers and an updated audio experience.

The use of blockchain to make NFTs has the potential for a revolutionary shift in how brands are perceived. Recently, automobile manufacturer Ferrari entered into an agreement with Velas Network that will see them implementing this technology across multiple platforms and markets over time. 

Alongside Ferrari, multinational shoe giants like Nike and Adidas have also jumped into the NFT segment with their own innovative angle of entry. And if that seems insufficient, the highly-renowned rock band Linkin Park has introduced their NFTs as well. 

New financial technology is on the rise and will only continue to grow in popularity as it gains wider adoption. Cryptocurrency markets have been thriving for some time now, but new innovations are pushing this medium even further ahead of traditional finance systems such as NFTs.