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Samsung Teams Up with Veritree, Catapulting Cardano Into the Spotlight and Resulting in Surprising ADA Crypto Price Predictions


The fast-rising growth of the digital market has been keeping certain companies and individuals on their toes, putting things in order before the next big blowup. Cardano, a network that’s been hyped up and rapidly becoming a household name in the realm of crypto, has investors at the palm of its hand, with its significant upgrades through the latter half of 2021. 

In all its glory, Cardano has become the perfect program for developing specific blockchain projects, all while collaborating with many renowned networks and companies that wish to establish their presence in the ever-evolving crypto space. For example, this week, Cardano is working with the distinguished electronics company Samsung in one of its projects, creating a stir on ADA crypto price predictions.

Investors are well-beyond thrilled as news from the Veritree camp emerges that Samsung will be joining hands with them on a sweet climate initiative. Veritree is the world’s first fully integrated platform designed to transform the restoration space through technology. This climate solutions project, whose objective is to restore the green spaces around the world, is built on the Cardano network and has come up with numerous initiatives that include the most notable Cardano Forest. This visualization combats the negative side effects of climate change by allowing users to donate ADA coins to the project in exchange for Tree Tokens. Each ADA user will donate a tree which will then be planted in a specific location once the project’s total funding is reached through this green initiative. The Tree Tokens can then be exchanged for an exceptionally rare non-fungible token or NFT afterward.

Just as Samsung advances its very own plans to infiltrate the NFT space through a series of announcements this week, they also intend to plant around 2 million mangrove trees in Madagascar by the end of Q1 – a move that solidifies its partnership with Veritree. 

Through this partnership, Cardano is sure to profit. As the underlying network that solely runs Veritree, the blockchain is directly fueling the success of Samsung’s climate initiative, giving it the exposure it needs as a crypto network.

Taking all these into account, Cardano’s ADA coin is at the forefront of many crypto investors’ minds. Many predictions have surfaced about how the high-profile collaboration would help the cryptocurrency thrive in the competitive and complex market. As of the moment, ADA is trading at a mere $1.32, and analysts like Coin Price Forecast believe that the coin will hover around this price point throughout 2022, finishing the year out at just $1.42. On the other hand, Digital Coin is a bit more bullish when it comes to their predictions, expecting the ADA coin to gain at least 40 cents throughout the year, with its year-end prediction placing the coin at an increase totaling $1.79. Gov Capital, another well-known digital market analyst, believes that the coin will have a significant rise throughout 2022, finishing the year with a bang at $2.67, while Wallet Investor firmly trusts ADA to go beyond the $3-mark in the next twelve months or so. The site sits at the expectation that the crypto coin will be worth $3.05 at the end of the year.

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