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Serial entrepreneurs Roberto and Samantha Benitez assemble an all-star team to drive impactful initiatives through their all-encompassing blockchain project Blockchain 420

Roberto and Samantha Benitez had always dreamed of being able to empower creatives across a variety of disciplines with the ability to upskill themselves while using their talents to earn a profitable living for themselves. After months of development following the launch of their blockchain project Blockchain 420, their dream has finally become a reality. 

 Roberto and Samantha are putting together the ultimate combination of a token TLCC (The Love Care Coin), charity (The Higher Love Foundation), NFT Metaverse game projects spearheaded by Blockchain 420’s Baby Blocks.(Blockchain Entertainment), and education platform (Blockchain University aka Fonz Institute of Technology), disrupting a landscape currently dominated by Coinbase and OpenSea

Their goal is to encourage people to start using The Love Care Coin token (TLCC) through their wallet app to increase their ability to market themselves to potential employers or set out to begin their own entrepreneurial journeys.

Starting with their TLCC cryptocurrency, the next few months will see the launch of various aspects of their project. Behind all of this, however, lies a world-class team.

Assembling the A-Team

To conceptualize, design, and execute such a large-scale project requires a wealth of expertise in a variety of different domains. 

Blockchain 420 was founded by Roberto and Samantha Benitez, two seasoned entrepreneurs with over 30 years of collective experience in the blockchain, hospitality, and medical marijuana sectors.

Zoe Benitez, their daughter, will be responsible for designing and executing the marketing strategies used on social media for Blockchain 420, The Love Care Coin and The Higher Love Foundation. In addition, she will also be working closely alongside Samantha on the Blockchain Entertainment project.

They are supported by their right-hand man Mughira Pal, a computer scientist, videographer, and post-production artist from Pakistan, who also serves as their Executive Administrator.

For their Chief Creative Officer — and to spearhead the NFT display case project— they sourced Mladen Majdevac, an experienced senior graphic designer with an extensive experience in the creative industry. He will also be involved in the educational side of the Blockchain 420 project.

Having accepted a voluntary role as Chancellor of their soon-to-launch Blockchain University, (Fonz Institute of Technology ) Fonz Morris is paving the way for a new era of digital education. Creating new coursework to help people learn new skills and achieve financial and physical independence as digital nomads, citizens of the world. 

Don Pippin is also a volunteer, however his role is to lead Blockchain 420’s philanthropic efforts, sitting at the helm of The Higher Love Foundation as Chairman of the Board. In his role, he will choose which projects and communities will receive the 20% of the profits generated by The Love Care Coin set aside for charitable works. 

D’EDGH (formerly known as Nel 1) will also be linked to Blockchain 420’s educational efforts, sharing his creative skills, honed over years as a self-taught graffiti artist with a global career, as well as the secrets to his sales savvy and charisma. 

A passionate DeFi, cryptocurrency, and blockchain expert, Vishal Savaliya has been tapped to use his skills and lead the organization’s technological and systems development as Blockchain 420’s blockchain consultant. Vishal will also lend his skills to Blockchain University, teaching a couple of courses himself and sharing his extensive knowledge of software development, product design/architecture, and scrum and agile frameworks.

Evelyn Hinds, a veteran of the world of innovation, will lead Blockchain 420’s Marketing and Promotions Department. With over two decades of experience in the tech world, Evelyn will use her wealth of expertise to create giveaways, promotions, and educational tools to help people succeed in the NFT & cryptocurrency spaces.

Blockchain 420: From Crypto Cases To Creative Courses, And More

As a whole, The Blockchain 420 organization will be divided into 3 main divisions, each powered by The Love Care Coin.

The first subsidiary organization, the Higher Love Foundation, will manage a portion of the profit generated by sales of the coin, rerouting it to various important global causes. Their second subsidiary company, Blockchain Quantum, will disrupt the educational system by releasing innovative and affordable technological hardware, 20% of which will be free for those in need. On the NFT and entertainment side, founders Roberto and Samantha are channeling their long-term passion for the industry into an NFT company, Blockchain Entertainment.

Their most recent initiatives consist of their Blockchain University and their physical NFT case. Their Blockchain University will empower people to actually find gainful employment. Further down the line, they hope to forge partnerships with other corporations to pair people with paid internship and full-time job opportunities.

In addition, they will soon be launching their Vision case, which will be used to physically display NFT art. At the beginning, the device will only be produced in one design, but there’s always an option to create something bespoke for owners that want it. The entire setup will be controllable via an app, so those who possess multiple NFTs can display different ones at will.

To coincide with the release of their NFT Baby blocks based metaverse game, Blockchain 420 will also soon release a big collection of original NFT art, divided into several distinct series, each drawing inspiration from ancient worlds and technology in an homage to the progression of civilization. 

Forging a new path for creatives

The next few months are going to be very interesting for Blockchain 420. Already having launched so many elements of their wider plan, this new generation of impactful projects, spearheaded by a visionary team of technologists and creatives, will be highly crucial to their mission to further disrupt an industry in which disruption is already the norm. Keep an eye out for the upcoming presale of The Vision, their physical NFT case, and the launch date of the Blockchain 420’s Baby Blocks NFT based metaverse game

For more information, please visit Blockchain 420.

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