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Shiba Inu Coin Developers Are Teasing a Big Surprise That’s Coming in Early 2022

Source: The Sun

Shiba Inu Coin holders and potential investors are in for quite a treat as we enter a brand-new year of crypto. This 2022 marks a momentous occasion for crypto enthusiasts as we usher in a brand-new year of potential updates to existing moonshot-level coins as well as new coins that are ripe for the taking. 

During an ask-me-anything session on Twitter Spaces, the developers and moderators shared countless announcements to interested audiences. Queenie, a moderator of the official Shiba Inu Discord channel, teased a big surprise in 2022 without going into further details. “We do have a big surprise when we enter 2022. So, that’s going to be the last little tidbit that I drop,” shared Queenie.

Several announcements were made during the event, with Queenie mentioning updates to the highly anticipated Shibarium. The much-awaited Layer 2 solution is expected to make SHIB transactions much cheaper and more accessible. The project, which runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain, suffers from high gas fees, which is why the developers are hoping to change that with subsequent updates. 

“We know everyone is upset about the gas fees. It makes it really difficult, and SHIB has always been about accessibility,” shared Queenie. The team also announced that Bone ShibaSwap (BONE) would be utilized as a native token on Shibarium. BONE currently acts as the governance token of the ShibaSwap blockchain. While BONE has a capped supply, it will continue being minted until 2024. There will be a mechanism to keep the rate of minting balanced.

During the ask-me-anything, Queenie also announced that there would be two versions of the game based on Shiboshi, a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The first version will be a mobile game that will have in-app purchases and microtransactions like any other game on the App Store. The game will also be compatible with PCs, allowing PC enthusiasts to sink their teeth into another Shiba Inu experience.

The blockchain version of the game will be play-to-earn, which means that players will be able to earn rewards in cryptocurrencies and cash them out. The games will not have any burn functionality, but the rest of the future projects will.

No specific dates were announced since, as the moderator put it: “We don’t do dates because that’s how you disappoint people.” 

The steaming rivalry between the Shiba Inu Coin and Dogecoin was also brought up during the event, which was a big elephant in the room prior to the event’s inception. Queenie said that the rivalry was “healthy, and mostly just banter.” The proponents of these two cryptocurrencies locked horns earlier this year amid the flippening hype where Shiba Inu managed to briefly surpass Dogecoin by market cap in late October.

2022 will be yet another year of success for the cryptocurrency economy as well as the meme economy to which Shiba Inu and Dogecoin belong.

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