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Shiba Inu Founder Ryoshi Withdraws from Social Media, Leaves Encouraging Words for Community

Ryoshi steps away from social media but leaves positive words for community

As the world continues to reel from the crypto market crash last month, the Shiba Inu Coin community was left without its founder when they withdrew from social media, deleting all his tweets and blogs.

Pseudonymous founder Ryoshi’s decision to step out of social media left community members scratching their heads and wondering what happened. Anyone who ventures into his Twitter will find his profile picture replaced with a painting of Jetsun Milarepa, a Tibetan Siddha whose fame lies in his transition from murderer to Buddhist. Milarepa is also known as one of Tibet’s most famous yogis and spiritual poets. Additionally, his Twitter account shows he is located at ‘Decentralized,’ hinting his desire for the Shiba Inu to move forward as a community without him.

After deleting his blog posts on Medium, Ryoshi put up two brief posts that confirmed his sentiments. His last post was published in May 2021 before entering a year of silence. The blog post wrote:

“Ryoshi, I am not important, and one day I will be gone without notice. Take the SHIBA and journey upward frens. We Are All Ryoshi. Every Shibarmy is Ryoshi. It does not represent someone, but the glory of Shibarmy! END.”

Created in August 2020, the Shiba Inu coin’s price is negligible, allowing investors to hold billions, if not trillions of the coin. The Shiba Inu coin was inspired by the real-life hunting dog from Japan. The project aspired to be an Ethereum-based alternative to dogecoin or DOGE.

Ryoshi’s vision of a truly decentralized Shiba Inu project was emphasized by Shibarmy community member Shytoshi Kusama. In a recent blog post, he praises the Shiba Inu founder as the most successful anonymous founder of any project.

“Ryoshi was, and is, one of the most successful anonymous founders of any project, ever. Though I don’t know his identity, his legacy lives on in the Shib token, Shib Ecosystem, and all the projects we foresee to decentralize the world. The ethos of Ryoshi to remain anonymous and have no input on the direction of Shib, makes our mythos even more mystic and impressive. We’ve built from nothing, never paid an exchange for a listing, and revolutionized “meme” tokens by growing exponentially.”

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